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  1. Well I tried duet display and other remote desktop apps, but none of them support pen pressure...
  2. So I just got galaxy tab s 6 and loving it so fall, before I was using ipad 6gen with duet display and was able to ues apple pancel with it. I was searching for any kind of app that wokrs like that on andorid but can't find one TT Is there any app that i can use my android tablet as digitizing tablet?
  3. i tuned it with xtu and tried my best to make best cooling for it. and here is the end result!!
  4. Hey guys, RN i'm using Thinkpad p52 with i7 8850h and quadro p3200 max q I did well on my cpu undervolting, so i tried to do gpu undervloting too. So i got msi afterbunner and tried to use it. after getting afterbunner, i tried to give -100mv for all frequency. and saved it on my profile 1, but when i tried to click check thing to use that setting, it just goes back to its original form. any one know how to fix this problem?
  5. i can use msi program to laptop made from lenovo? my laptop is thinkpad p52. I don;t know if i can use it from here.
  6. well. the point is. i only got boost speed for 5 sec and it drop to lowest clock so.... yeah
  7. Hey, I'm using p3200 max q right now. And performance was pretty good, it was slightly slower than 1070 max q and similar to 1660ti. But the temp was the problem. When ever i try to do gpu heavy work. It throttle every time. So i'm trying to do undervolting it. u guys got any idea how?
  8. Hey, I just read about undervolting gpu in laptop. I knew that i can undervolt cpu, and i did. My temp got lower ( about 15 degree.) and my performance got boost a lot! (cinebench before: 1023. after:1392, think i can bit 1400!!) I used XTU to do does thing, but i'm not sure what should i use or do for gpu undervolt. Does gpu undervolt will also make this difference? P.s: my graphic card is p3200 maxq
  9. On r15 I got 1328 Was 1047 when started + for got my chip was not k TT ++ for the position I just released that I didnt toke a pic of it so I just set it up really quick. When I tested my fan and CPU fan was really close
  10. Hey guys I've using my p52 and was curious how well my laptop can perform. And I tested cinebench r20 My laptops spec is CPU: i7 8850h GPU: quadro p3200 Ram: 32 And here are my result Right now my best approach to maximize the performance was pretty limited, since I dont know how to overclock on laptop, and I got no cooling pad. So I installed xtu and undervllted by 165 And gave turbo short max to 90w And my turbo was 88w (Originally it was 75for max and 55 for normal turbo) And to max my cooling skill I set my laptop like this (Should tried this before the spring) So my result went pretty sweet. My initial score was 2,232 And now I'm having score of 2,951 My temp stayed on 89 to 95 And my clock was stable at 3.8 You guys have better idea to boost my benchmarking?