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  1. RayLeech

    Whatever happened to floppy disks?

    I really miss paper tape. Safe from magnets, solar flares, EMP blasts. Plus, it can be read w/o a computer if you were good enough. You could fix it with a piece of notebook paper, an awl and a piece of tape! Oh for the good ole days!
  2. RayLeech

    Optical Drive

    That's exactly why I had to get an external. The radiator left only one 5.25" bay free, and I use my hot swap removable drive way more than the optical.
  3. RayLeech

    Optical Drive

    I have not. I burn a lot of MDISCs for archival storage and no coasters yet (I always verify on another machine with a different drive). I don't do much direct playback from the drive, mostly digitizing. Seems fast enough through USB3 and no errors so far. I have other external optical drives, but like this one the best.
  4. RayLeech

    Optical Drive

    I had the same problem (radiator took too much room to mount optical). I found a USB3 from ASUS that has worked very well doing everything including M-Disc's. WalMart
  5. One of the big problems I have with these DCMA / Art13 laws is the one sided nature. I'm all for stopping 'true' copyright infringement, but these laws create a fertile environment for copyright 'abuse'! Nothing should be passed without a clause that applies a double-penalty to the person submitting a notice that is found to be wrong. That's the easy way to stop a lot of this insanity. Takedown Abuse