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  1. But the extension cable recognizes other GPUs it doesn’t recognize specifically my 2080ti. The case has nothing to do with the GPU nor does the PSU. It is a 1200 watt psu only powering a 9900K and and 2080ti it will barely push it past 1000. The case is a 1000D no matter what way you orientate the motherboard the GPU will always come in conflict with the sata ports if not mounted with a vertical bracket.
  2. Yes I explained in the post that when I did it worked fine but the connection doesn’t fit with the water block I’m using so I have to go to the vertical mount
  3. Ok idk what to do. I’ve replaced my motherboard (Asus Maximus XI Hero WiFi) and my GPU (Asus Strix OC 2080TI) TWICE! Both are brand new pieces of hardware. I tested the motherboard all slots recognized my old 1080. I tested the 2080ti on my old z270 board it recognized the 2080ti. I’m now using both of them together again in hopes that it would work and still back at square one. The new Z390 board doesn’t recognize my new 2080ti. The Only possibility I can think of is. Because the water block pushes aging the sata ports on my motherboard I cant plug in the GPU the normal way you do horizontally (it worked before until all of a sudden I stopped getting picture and I ran into the problem I’m having now and still can’t fix apparently) so I mounted it vertically with my cases vertical mount but! But! Here’s where I think my problem is now and why it’s not working. Back when I built my old system with the 1080 I was using a thermal take view that open air case WITH the vertical mount WITH the included PCIE EXTENSION CABLE. I have a feeling the old extension that’s been used pretty harshly is the problem. BUUUUT The extension cable worked with my 1080 plugged in that was plugged into my new Maximus hero board that I’m currently using. please please I need some opinions I am having Halo: Reach withdrawals played it for the first two weeks until my computer crapped out on me!
  4. So how do I safely remove the TC from the GPU dye without breaking off those smaller square portions around the dye? What can I use?
  5. I probably should have said another GPU. So I have a 2080ti that I recently got put a water block and all it was fine for 3 weeks I guess in the 3 weeks after having to take it apart 3 times to clean it because of gunk from pastel something happened to the connection and it doesn’t read in any of the slots but my old 1080 Ftw card works fine.
  6. So it’s probably safe to say that if I plug in a GPU and it’s detected by my motherboard in all slots and I do the same with another and it’s not detected it’s most likely that my GPU is the problem right
  7. So I don’t want to use my m.2 slots since they are hard to reach when my loop is in so is there like nvme expansion cards? I seen some but it only holds one nvme and one sata but I have two nvme ssd. Looking for recommendations I thought Asus and gigabyte made one but can’t find it
  8. I some how got it working now. I unplugged it again. Launched optimized settings. Plugged in my boot and then it’s working
  9. I have said that I only have my boot drive plugged and it hasn’t booted. It has booted 3 times into bios and each time I have saved and reset to go into windows it doesn’t work and keeps giving me the error code.
  10. No image even shows up so I wouldn’t even be able to get into bios. In the rare occasions I do it keeps circling itself
  11. In the rare events it goes into the bios yes it’s recognized
  12. No the psu is brand new and the moneys I get it to the bios yes it is recognized as the boot drive
  13. 9990k rog Maximus XI hero wifi asus 2080 ti 850 evo 250 Gb boot drive 1200 watt EVGA supernova and yes this was my original boot drive from previous two computers. Did a clean install of windows and it has worked for the past month and just today when I was trying out a new keyboard all of sudden it black screened I reset the pc and was getting A0 with black screen, tried to reset cmos and now got A2 and I have resettled 3 times since then successfully getting into bios but never boots