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  1. I'm going to upgrade my PC soon, in order to give my brother my old 1060 3gb for his new machine, and I was planning on getting a used 1070ti for around 300$. I know the 1660 ti is a tad less for a tad less performance, but anyone with experience or just a second opinion. The main purpose of my upgrade is ensuring my computer is capable of running the Valve Index, which my current system can, save for the GPU. So which should I go for? I'd likely be getting the 1660 ti or 2060 new, unless I can find a good one used
  2. My mobo doesn't have a 5v RGB header, only a 12v one, and for a while I thought all hope was lost for connecting Aura Sync to my 4 fans and case lighting (came with the case), which all plug into a controller (also included), whcih has a cable for a 5v RGB header. But recently, I discovered the ROG Aura Terminal, a 4-port, 5v USB, Aura Sync compatible hub, that connects through an open internal USB 2.0 header. Only problem is, its's 80$, and I wouldn't use its primary features (RGB strips included, Halo monitor backglow, etc) enough anyway to justify the price. Is there any alternative, even an internal (or external!) usb 2.0 to 5v rgb header adapter that would function as I need it to, or a seller willing to sell the ROG terminal alone without the accessories (preferably the first one but I'll take what I can get).
  3. I'm trying to adapt my old PC into a box for wake-on-lan, minecraft server hosting, etc and I don't need very much GPU power for it. Problem is, the chip is an AMD FX-6200, which doesn't have any form of integrated graphics. I need a graphics card powerful enough for running ubuntu, with an HDMI output if possible, as cheap as possible. Preferably new because I might not be buying this immediately and want to ensure its still available when I do, but if you have a used link, let me know as well. Preferably amazon links/free shipping but i'll take what I can get.
  4. Title says most, I'm going to use my old PC parts as a game server to host minecraft servers for my friends, possibly discord bots and other things like that, likely running a linux distribution if I can set it up properly... my old CPU it'd be running off is an AMD cpu from before the days of integrated graphics, would a cheap, budget level card be enough (basically, do server programs like that need GPU power?)
  5. Hey y'all, I just need to know if theres any solution or if I just made an expensive mistake (also due to inexperience with RGB). So, I recently bought some parts to upgrade my system (Ryzen 5 2600, asus prime b450-plus, rosewill prism s500), and the case includes some RGB lighting and fans. Now, because I have no experience with using RGB in my builds, especially Asus Aura, I didn't realize there were two types of connectors. My motherboard (I believe) only has a 12v header, while the controller included in the case only supports 5v. The fans and strip can be controlled through the button on the case with power from the PSU, but that only offers the premade versions. Now, there is likely not a converter or something available, but I want to know if there is. Or, potentially, if there is a way to get an inexpensive system (<50-100 dollars) that is small, subtle, and could control those fans through Asus Aura (like an arduino or something). Is there any way to fix the mistake I've made without buying a whole new motherboard?