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  1. adamkatz

    lock pdf file pls help

    if i had the password i dident write this.... i need to know how to carck it
  2. H i how can i open lock pdf file pls help me!!! i can send you the file if you want
  3. Hi how can i open lock pdf file pls help me!
  4. adamkatz

    windows on xbox 360

    Hi i have old xbox 360 and i want to install windows on it any iday idea if it's possible? sorry for my english
  5. adamkatz

    corsair k55 macros

    i cant use the driver the k55 is not supported ....
  6. adamkatz

    corsair k55 macros

    Hi i have the keyboard corsair k55 and it has 6 keys (marcros) the problem is i cant use them as normal keys the windows dont know what is the name of the key is any way to insatll a program that can recognize them? i want to use them in games and OBS striming (sorry of my bad english)