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  1. Sure 8GB should be enough for 4K Warzone (I think...) but what you need is a faster GPU with more cuda cores/stream processors like a 5700 XT or a RTX 2080 Super.
  2. Like Task Manager, if you wish to see running processes then try Process Explorer. It's a more detailed Task Manager made by Microsoft. But for temps, what he said unless you have Ryzen then Ryzen Master is more accurate for CPU temp apparently. You can also use MSI Afterburner.
  3. Sure you can disable the pagefile entirely and Windows will remove it automatically if I'm not mistaken. However this is not something that I recommend because some applications (games) seem to rely on it and I have been plagued with some games crashing with no pagefile even with available RAM. Just set it to be smallish... like 8 GB on SSD and you'll be fine.
  4. My 2060S runs them(*) nicely in 1080p. No issues at all. *Watchdogs 2, Odyssey, Wildlands, New Dawn.....
  5. Yeah well I dunno, painting in heavy rain will always seem dodgy to me. Would have been better if I gave it more time but I was soaking. Think it will be fine with another layer of paint and a couple with clear coat and when I get the 2000 grit sanding paper it should look decent along with the other small paint jobs I've done to the car. Can't believe sanding paper can be so hard to come by, wonder if people started eating it.
  6. Whatcha gonna play? For modern AAA titles, no it will not be enough.
  7. Try to clear CMOS on the board to retrain the memory. There is either a button or two pins that say Clear CMOS/Clear RTC or something similar. If there are pins, look in the mobo manual for the correct procedure.
  8. Haha, got to use some kind of protection. I just had to do something outside in the rain after GF scratched the mirror on a wall inside a carpark... Result not good (masking tape got loose due to wet) but it will do for now until the weekend. I had to put up a makeshift tent so I didn't get water in the paint but still some of the masking tape got loose and I got some primer on an area I had masked... Well, at least it wont rust until I can fix it properly.
  9. Peculiar. Seems to me you are on a volume licence mate. Check that because if you are you may need to contact the owner of the licence. In Start search for CMD and choose run as administrator, then run following command. slmgr /dli In box that should appear look for either the term "retail", "OEM", or "volume".
  10. Pretty normal. TJMax (temp limit) is 95° so no need to worry.
  11. 75 is not a worry. Pretty normal as it has been explained. Temp spikes are common too, it's because something is making the CPU boost this may be background tasks by the way. AMD recommend to use Ryzen Balanced power plan with updated chipset driver to properly power manage the Ryzen CPU. However if you want even cooler and quieter operation you can use Power Saving plan when you are doing light tasks only. Worked fine with my 3600x but I stopped it and rather use a flat fan profile to stop fans from speeding up and down. Prime95 does not compare to real workloads. If your PC works fine in other applications I would not worry about any problems associated with P95. However you could run Memtest perhaps and check if your memory is stable if you have XMP/DOCP enabled. If you still worry about your CPU, run Cinebench R20 and see if the same behaviour occurs. Much more realistic workload and it also stresses the CPU.
  12. Depends what you are doing. If you load up Windows and then a game you won't notice it much but if you copy files to it then you will see it's performance crawl. That's what I experienced with my Kingston A400 anyway.
  13. Well... NVMe has the potential to be faster than SATA SSD but in most cases it is not. The only case I can think about really is if you move large (10 GB) files back and forth between the NVMe drives.. Why one would do this I don't know... What is holding SATA SSD back is the SATA bus. If you get let's say 2,3 or 4 SATA SSD and put them in RAID 0 you will get very nice speeds with SATA you will also get a very large volume to store your data at which can be expanded later on. 1. SATA is perfectly fine. I went from Kingston A400 SSD (DRAM cacheless drive?) to NVMe and loading Windows only took maybe a second less with 2000 MB/s advertised speed. 2. Nope. Not many cases they do I think.. 3. SSD. I have 3 SSD 1TB each and a 3TB Barracuda spinning drive which is mostly just a garbage dump for free Epic Store games lol. Music and video files also go on the spinning but the games I play either goes to my SSD RAID or NVMe since my RAID only has 22 gigs free space..
  14. Use Ryzen Master to check temps. Most accurate for Ryzen CPU.
  15. Aouch... ...New sparkplugs installed. Beemer engine purrs like a kitten, roars like a lion....
  16. What I did when I messed up my WD ex-drive was to take the drive out of the enclosure and put it inside my PC like a normal drive.
  17. Excellent work. The Saab looks brand new. The wheels looks good on it, yeah. 2002 E39 520i with angel eyes, needs a little work. A little bit of rust here and there, replace spark plugs, oil change, replace badges and fix the left suspension. Some noise coming from there, sounds like a busted bushing.
  18. Well.... All applications use the C drive as cache, store settings and whatnot. Look to C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\ You can move the folder elsewhere ....but you'll be in a world of hurt most likely.... I tried that once. I was in big world of hurt. What size is the drive? Also what games?
  19. Banned for hidden content.