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  1. That was to emphasize the sound of that particular part. It sounds how it looks, Anker. But English isn't everyones first language so they don't quite grasp that concept. Also your use of emojies is excessive.
  2. Not hard. You know the word Anus? Remove the "us" part, put that in front of "k-uh-er" and you have "ayne-k-uh-er" Anker I know that seemed silly, but it was the best I could do. Google is of no help here.
  3. Water cooling stuff, whether custom loop or AIO, I would never buy used. You just don't know how much longer something has until it leaks or can't function anymore. I think 5-7 years is the typical lifespan for an AIO. I would just buy new personally. Plus you get the peace of mind that if something does happen, you have a warranty.
  4. The H110 chipset only supports upto a 7700K https://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-Intel_(chipsets)/H110.html The pins on the 10 series CPU's are different. I would not be surprised if there are power pads in the wrong place and it shorted both the board and the CPU itself. You're SOL here buds.
  5. They saw what happened to Nvidia and didn't want to go through all that. Smart.
  6. Ya know what's sad is most users will either not care, or will defend Apple tooth and nail. Then again, this isn't exactly a confirmation from them either. We gotta take this with a grain of salt (or two).
  7. And do what exactly? They'd just be showing them off and the video would be like, 2:30 (for a sponsor spot). Wouldn't really be profitable/fit into the general flow of videos.
  8. Check your documents folder for anything related to the game. Some games will install stuff there like save game data and settings.
  9. My oldest is from 1981, but is a motorcycle. I still know the feels
  10. Well truth be told no one/nothings perfect. Except for Linus
  11. Sure it does. My 1981 Suzuki GS250T is very well engineered. Can take the whole thing apart with only a few spanners in 10 minutes. Didn't really need anything when I bought it recently either. Just a starter and a chain, fucker's been mint ever since. The thing is as old as it is and runs and drives like a champ. Perfectly reliable (that is, when I don't stall out trying to take off in second gear).
  12. Excuse you, but German engineering is brilliant. Only the Japanese can come close. It's when they get loosey goosey with who they let become head of a project that things can go awry.
  13. Requirement imo. It's one thing if a house doesn't have a/c because you can install a window unit, but a car is super different. There's plenty of cars that don't run or drive. But they're still cars.
  14. What kind of support did it ever have? I have a non-sanctioned copy of it I can put on any machine I desire :3
  15. So you mean to tell me that these same people will wear a t-shirt that says I'm with stupid with an arrow pointing at their genital region, just because "it's the new thing to be seen in"?
  16. Every time a new GPU is launched, this exact same theory pops up. It's nothing new, and honestly, I can't say that I believe it. Yeah, Nvidia can be a bag of cocks, but in the end it would only hurt sales because people are going to buy what they can actually get.
  17. Beats have horrid sound quality. Not even worth 50 bucks imo.
  18. I'm on Firefox 81.0.1 (64-bit) and have had this issue for a long time. Windows 10 LTSB 1607.
  19. They're actually working on that right now. I personally can't wait for their release, my desk needs it.
  20. This has my vote. I have the older G930 and they're still rocking hard. They sound pretty great, no noticeable latency, very good battery life, very comfortable even after hours of use, and keeps a pretty solid connection even in the rather noisy 2.4ghz environment with all the neighbours routers so close.