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Status Updates posted by TempestCatto

  1. Yelp reviews are fucking wild man. Dude must be a fan fiction writer or something. Just look at this one for a Burger King in Altoona PA:



    From User A Wild D.:


    I believe it is imperative to the development of any man's character that he, at some moment in all he has experienced, stare into the abyss, if only for the briefest glance. I have experienced this important exhibition into the raw, unadulterated truth behind the vail at this very Burger King. The tale I tell is to the best of my description, though mere mortal words are insufficient. You may caution that I am mad, and indeed I may very well be. Cthulhu would be scorned to eat at this restaurant.

    I approached this insidious establishment on a Saturday night, exactly 9:09 PM. I was taken aback, for but a kiss of a moment, by the aura of sheer, unrelenting malice that extruded from every crevice of this den of horrors. However, my hunger was great, overpowering, and I had forgone my most primal, cautious instincts, dredging ever closer in vain hope that I would satiate myself.

    The staff, wild in their eyes but silent in their demeanor, took my currency, but acknowledge my presence nary a little. Stark, staring madness is an inadequate description of their demeanor... But even this prepared me little for what was to come... without knowing, my vary transaction had opened Pandora's box and the horrors within, and it was, so regrettably, too late... there was no turning back.

    I had purchased the Bacon King meal. Once again, the humble cashier handed me my food, with eyes dead and mouth silent, eyes that saw but enough to complete the task at hand... but could not conceive me as a patron. I sat, immediately drawing forth from the bag my Bacon King. Unwrapping the burger, drawing it to my mouth... in taking my first bite I realized that the twilight had taken me. I was no longer within the same world I had left behind. I was in a world without laws, without order, and without sanity. The bun was but a withered husk, a stale mockery of anything resembling bread. The bacon... oh how I only remember the pain. Burnt, blackened, jagged pieces of meat that did so tear at the roof of my mouth. Yet all too soon, even these horrors receded to the inner most depths of my mind as this most unholy sandwich brought to the forefront the visage of an unbearably oppressive desert hellscape. So very dry that acid rain of Venus would have been welcomed to quench my desperate thirst. Where your average burger king produces sandwiches so utterly drenched in condiments that it often extrudes into one's lap upon consumption... the condiments in this sandwich were but hollow whispers... Denying expectation and the very laws that govern the cosmos.

    It was then I realized that what I was experiencing could only be described as evil... I should have turned back. However, I had to press forward. I had to see the truth! HOW FOOLISH I WAS! I attempted to consume the fries. However, they too were an anomaly. The flavor, texture and consistency of fries left in a car in winter, yet somehow assaulting me with the heat Mephistopheles himself would lust for in his dominion. I needed a drink, anything to remove this vile flavor and unrelenting burn, my mouth vacant of moister! In desperation, I searched the bag for a straw so that I may at least enjoy the comfort of my medium Dr. Pepper. But woe... all that awaited me was woe! There was, Hahaha, NO STRAW!

    I felt all sensibility leak from my mind. My rationality shattered, almost audibly so in my own ears. I had ventured too deep! The abyss... OWNED ME! SOILED ME! Ripped me hither toe from my humanity! In all this arid desperation, my dry lips fused shut in dehydration! Evil had won that night! I have no mouth... and I must scream!

    Don't eat here, the food is awful.


  2. I'm done. So freaking done. Microsoft's own email is worse than a computer with a single core cpu and a 5400 rpm hdd trying to run Doom on ultra. Outlook flagged MY OWN FUCKING EMAIL ADDRESS as spam! HOW. I really want to switch to something that doesn't suck donkey cock, but to what and how can I switch EVERYTHING over? My whole life is basically connected to that email (which probably is not good to begin with). Idk. I may just have to make a thread about it at some point.

    1. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      you could set it up to send whatever you recieve on that email to whatever service you go over to, so if your original email is donald-duck@outlook.com you could set that account up to send anything it recieves to mickey-mouse@gmail.com if that is your new email, that'll help with things you forget to transfer over. just keep in mind that if you want to reply to an email that was sent to your new adress it's best to log in to outlook and reply there since the person emailing you won't expect you to reply with the new adress.


      for all of your online accounts it's super easy, just go through each one and set it to the new email. any that you forget will come through from your old adress.


      and for all the people you interact with who would not know you switched emails it's a matter of contacting them and having them change your contact info to include the new adress.

    2. RoseLuck462


      I've found it works better on mobile. 

    3. soldier_ph


      Yes, I know what you mean. I had to use the Office suite for school for only a year (summer 2019 to summer 2020) and I fucking hated it. The Programms, Teams is the worst at this, sometimes took over 10 minutes to even start up on the school PCs. I had to get the Stupid Boomer Teacher each time to yell at them and to finally tell IT what Stupid Shit this is that we have to use. Also the Outlook notif for a new Mail never came through on my phone and the Teams and Outlook App had to be reinstalled at least once a Month because for some reason they stopped working and stopped syncing with my MS account and crap. Good thing I don't rage quit because otherwise I would've probably wanted to smash my phone into the Wall a couple of times. My live is based on Google Services and I will never ever use MS Services ever again if I don't have to.

      After this school year was over I made sure to delete all of my crap off of my school MS account which was terminated after by IT and I even deleted my own MS account because I was so mad at the end. I didn't have anything connected to it or used it for anything anyways, also I've never used a MS account as a login option on Windows and I haven't activated a Win 10 through a MS account so my personal MS account was just unnecessary in the first place.

  3. Prepare while you can. There's about to be 69 million new threads all asking the same thing: "Can I upgrade to RTX 3xxx?" Once again, we need either a master thread or a guide of some sort.

    1. soldier_ph


      @colonel_mortis It's time for a clean up and a pinned Guide regarding the 3xxx GPUs !

  4. Ya know what's really fucking painful? Snorting 91% isopropyl alcohol. It was painful to breath for like, a whole damn day. Didn't even clear my sinuses...

    1. Techstorm970


      I once used a Purell hand wipe on my face.


      M I S T A K E !

      Just breathing in the fumes was painful!  Not as bad as that though.  Oof...


    2. TempestCatto


      Admitedly I like to huff that kinda stuff so the sting is what I live for. But when you can feel the liquid flashing off inside your body, it makes you question your life choices. 

  5. There needs to be a "should I sell, upgrade, or wait" guide. There are at least 5 threads per day about it. 

    1. Windows7ge


      Do what I do. If I answer basically the same question several times I write a guide for it.


      If you're up for it you can make the guide.

    2. TempestCatto


      I have decent writing skills, but I certainly wouldn't want to do it alone as I know there's a load of things I wouldn't think of.

    3. Windows7ge


      Nothing wrong with making it a team effort if you can find others who are interested in lending a hand. Some of mine were made with information contributed from other forum members.

  6. The girl of my dreams rejected me. I've had a thing for her for 4 damn years. It took me 4 damn years to get the courage 😢 Now I have to try and fall out of love 😭 

    1. WY6
    2. soldier_ph



      ...that's gonna be really painful

  7. We use catto and doggo in memes, but the 2003 Rugrats Go Wild movie uses those same two words when Spike and Siri (a leopard) have a singing part. Funny how that works.

  8. This couldn't be more true 😂😂



    1. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD


    2. WY6


      Let's talk about that ifunny watermark | iFunny | Know Your Meme

  9. A Whisker Away on Netflix...greatest damn movie of all time, since Zootopia. Go watch it!

    1. Jtalk4456


      i haven't gotten around to it but it's on my list


    2. Jtalk4456


      i'll watch it tomorrow while i'm off

  10. So I almost cut my finger off with a Milwaukee grinder. Ya know, the very thing that can cut through metal like butter...thankfully because it was at full speed, the wound cauterized so I didn't bleed like a sieve. Although my body went into shock. Quite an experience...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TempestCatto


      I'm fine now, but it still hurts. Currently feels like multiple bee stings, but warm. Bet it will be a few months before it'll heal right.


      No idea what exact blade it was, but it was a metal cutting wheel.

    3. Windows7ge


      In the trades they have a saying. Don't put your hand where you wouldn't put your d***.


      So in your example whatever it was you were cutting. Think about it before you put your hand on the work. Would you put your d*** there? No? Then don't put your hand there.


      And if you think I'm joking I'm not. The characters you meet while working in a trade they have A LOT of inappropriate humor but this one is at least productive in a sense.

    4. Jtalk4456


      Ouch Baby... Very Ouch. on Make a GIF

      Hope you feel better soon, less warm bee stings


  11. In case you've ever wanted to know, the average church pew weighs in at about 250lbs. This bitch moved them eight damn times (though with help from my coworkers of course). Still though, moving them all those times has made my body ache as though I were in my 90's. They were disassembled and we had to hand load them into a 53' tractor trailer. I have a limp and can't raise my arms past a certain height. P:

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    2. TempestCatto


      There was 120 of them. Now they're all gone. We are renovating our sanctuary, so all the carpet, pews, speakers, lights, projectors - everything is getting replaced. We will thankfully have new pews put in, but a company will take care of that. 

    3. The King of the Undead

      The King of the Undead

      will they be lighter?

    4. TempestCatto


      I sure hope so! But I have my doubts..

  12. That moment when a new ISP is finally installing fiber line where you live, but they accidentally dig through your current (and only other) ISP's line and shut down internet to your entire neighbourhood for a whole day. I was once told that it's almost about 1 million dollars per minute when you dig into active fiber line, and the cheaper insurances only last for about 10 minutes before your policy is tapped. Not sure how true that is, but it came from a foreman of a construction company. So I guess it does have some merit. Either way, someone may have lost their job today - hope they're well.

    1. soldier_ph


      Yeah, we were promised an upgrade to Gigabit like two years ago and they were gonna execute that this year but Covid happened so that's set on Ice yet again.

  13. Did I miss the memo? Why is there no new LTT vid for today?

    1. soldier_ph


      No Linus did a livestream instead building a PC once again. I was going through my inbox catching up on all of the other videos, unfortunately it seems there isn't a vod otherwise I would've already watched it.

  14. Why would the mods remove the sponsor spots at the end of my tech news posts? They're not invasive or anything. Just for fun...

    1. TempestCatto


      Seems like it was only just my latest one. But still. Makes no sense to me, especially if Linus and LMG don't have an issue with it (I assume if they did, I would have been told about it already). Hell, I even told Linus himself I do it when he replied to one of my status updates awhile ago.

    2. James Evens

      James Evens

      LTTstore.com :P 

    3. soldier_ph


      And this reply is brought to by.............               






      ....oh wait they're really getting salty about that ? Holy tennisballs the mods are really cracking down on the CS aren't they.

  15. Man fuck me. I really lost the silicon lottery on this one. The auto overclocking features AMD offers crash my 2700x. Even with the slightest little bump, everything goes to shit. I was planning on selling it all and upgrading when the new 4xxx comes out. Maybe. Not sure how that will work what with not having a PC for awhile having to sell the parts first, in order to fund the upgrade. Or should I wait for when DDR5 becomes a thing? Or maybe I should just ignore it and press on. Fuck all this.

  16. And here they come. All the threads about new problems with people updating to the latest version of Windows. Audio doesn't work, Windows doesn't boot, black screen after this, game crashing after that. Makes no sense to me how EVERY FUCKING VERSION always has major issues like this. I've been on 1607, the version of Windows 10 when I first installed it. I will never update, sans major security patches. Shits fucked.

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    2. lewdicrous


      When I checked the update page in the settings, it said that the update wasn't ready for my computer, maybe they're ignoring that message. 

    3. WY6


      1507 forever

    4. Windows7ge


      Looks like my Windows VM was forcibly updated. 1909 now. Yep. Edge pop-up, etc etc.


      So far so good it doesn't appear to have broken any of the very few applications I still use Windows for.


      To be quite honest here if Windows does role out an update that breaks something I consider important I also still have original Build 1604 & 1703 .ISO files. I'll just role back and run Windows disconnected from the Internet.

  17. I just want to use a VPN to be a bit safer/secure on the internet. Yet Netflix wont let me watch content with my US based account, while connected to a US based VPN server. I just want to set it and forget it. I don't want to have to think "oh yeah, gotta disable my VPN to watching fucking Open Season" Fuck Netflix.

    1. WY6


      Some VPNs work with Netflix

  18. Daaamn.. Solitaire turned 30 years old this year. It was first included with Windows 3.0 and was made to help people get the hang of using a mouse to click, drag, drop, etc with this newfangled clicky doohickey. Fuckin mint.



    1. dizmo


      When you realize you're older than Solitare...🤦‍♂️

  19. Linus talked about a tech news topic I posted, but didn't say my name, but said others names. Is it the sponsor spots or did I just get unlucky randomly? Kinda sucks when someone who just joined the forum gets their username said twice in a row :/


    EDIT: forgot to say it was this weeks WAN Show. *derp*

    1. Tech_Dreamer
    2. LinusTech


      Sorry the OP doesn't always end up in the doc cuz the writers are lazy sometimes. 

    3. TempestCatto


      Damn, didn't expect a reply. Cheers for that!


      To be frank, I don't post in tech news to get senpai to notice me. I do it cause I get targeted ads that link to tech news articles, and if I find it interesting enough, I'll share it on it here thinking others will be interested just the same. But I like to have my own little spin. Just like you don't say "quick bits" I don't say "source" I say anything but. I also bung a cheeky sponsor spot, but sort of in a meme-ish way/manor.


      Anyways, just glad to hear I didn't piss you off/upset you. (gotta love anxiety, eh?) Cheers!

  20. Enter for a good meme ---->



    1. Windows7ge


      *UDP has entered the chat*

  21. I would like to know why, during a global pandemic, my neighbours decide to have a massive social gathering at their house. Just... Why...

    1. soldier_ph


      Yep my neighbours were doing something similar the past week. The stupidity is worldwide.

    2. lewdicrous


      Cause they're idiots?

    3. RoseLuck462


      Did you join the fun?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. ARikozuM




      I'd be good if it just had a weather app that blares a red "Take cover! Light drizzle incoming!" message. #FloridaWeather


      A light drizzle here is like 2 minutes of heavy rain followed by sun burning you. 


    3. SenKa


      @ARikozuMFlorida gang! I also included that as part of AR, having something of a "heads up display"

    4. TempestCatto


      Eh - I decided to make a post anyways. Why not I guess *shrug*

  22. Those of us with shitty internet can relate...



    1. Gegger


      every 5 mins in a zoom call:


      *someone disconnects or their internet yeets itself into oblivion*


      meeting host when they come back: 啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊

    2. soldier_ph


      @Gegger Everyone when the Internet drops out:


  23. I'm not entirely against 5G...