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  1. Rafaelos

    Case Fan

    That is what i will do. My current cpu is around 55C in full load, but the 1070 ti is getting even to 83C at max settings and that worries me. If the i5 9600k will be around 60C and the gpu the same it will be ok
  2. Rafaelos

    Case Fan

    Any recommendations under $50? It would be preferable to have atleast 2 fans in the front
  3. Rafaelos

    Case Fan

    Yep, those holes are the only openings on the front
  4. Rafaelos

    Case Fan

    It's an old Segotep Baymini
  5. Rafaelos

    Case Fan

    I have a gtx 1070ti and and in a few days i'll have an i5-9600k with a cpu cooler, 16 gb ram, and 1 ssd all on a mATX motherboard and I also have a 650W 80+ silver PSU. My case is 400x400x185mm (HxDxW) and has only 1 fan in the front., Will my computer overheat or something? Should I be worried? Do I need to get a bigger case with more fans or will it be fine? (I don't really have money atm)
  6. I can't find exactly the same stick. But I ve found one that is 8gb, the same frequency, Cas latency and voltage. Is it safe to get it? Only the company differs
  7. I've ordered an i5 9600k to go with my 1070ti and I currently have only 8 gbs. I contamplated getting another 8 for a long time but it didn't seem to matter in gaming. Should I do it now and upgrade to 16? Will there by any difference?
  8. I have a small case (mATX) it is called the Segotep Baymini and I'm afraid the the cooler I've ordered won't fit. (Deepcool Gammaxx 400) The motherboard is gigabyte b365m-a, I also have a 3fan 1070ti, 2 ram sticks. Will the cooler fit on the MO without interfering with other components?
  9. I bought the i5 at just 140€ and I think that I got a good deal Thank you for the quick response!
  10. Is the gigabyte b365m DS3H compatible with an i5-9600kf without bios update?
  11. Well the 9600kf gets a little more fps even without oc than the 9400.And it is exactly the same price
  12. Is the 9600kf compatible with the asus b360m-a board?? I don't need oc
  13. So do you have any recommendations that are cheap?
  14. Well I got it for 140€. And I can't afford an i7 at this point. Isn't this processor good at 1080p gaming?