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  1. Congrats, you got contacted by a Skype Sex Bot. I haven't had that happen to me.
  2. He is using Blender, Granny, and 3dsmax. $1000 total for the whole build
  3. As a PC builder for friend, I find myself in need of a CPU for CAD and Gaming. I only know about AMD cpus and I was wondering about Intel CPUs. Again, my friend is doing CAD and Gaming.
  4. I personally hate the fact that my rig is just an officetop with an upgraded PSU and GPU tossed inside, also its a mid tower which makes cable management hell for me.
  5. >Ctrl + F "Reddit pcmasterrace guide" >0 out of 0 Come on guys, step it up. http://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/wiki/guide