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  1. Hello Linus Tech Tips Forums users. My PC crashes a lot, from random crashes, to crashes when something is loading. Even when the PC is not being used and sits idle in the Desktop it sometimes crashes. I Was Lucky enough that i could catch the error on camera so you can See it for yourself. My cpu: AMD ryzen 3 2200G My gpu: integrated Vega 8 My psu? : 400w Maybe it could me my Adrenalin driver because it is really buggy. FiireWiinter
  2. FiireWiinter

    Help me decide what graphic card i should pick

    i have still one of these 8pin that you can make to a 6pin connectors usable
  3. Hello Linus Tech Tips fans, I don't know what graphics card i should pick with my budget of 200€. Right now i have a integrated Vega 8 in my amd 3 2200G and a 400 watt psu. I hope you guys can help me! In greetings FiireWiinter
  4. FiireWiinter

    Recovery tools?

    I can't believe it but HELL THANK YOU!! It starts to find EVERYTHING and so i can use everything soon! So yeah, Thank you
  5. FiireWiinter

    Recovery tools?

    Hello Community, I may need some help from you guys, because my HDD "died" but a recovery tool detects everything and it could recover everything. BUT it only recovers 500 MB for free and then you have to pay what i dont want! What recovery tool could i use to recover all the data from my HDD. Greetings, FiireWiinter