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  1. wireless auto config is running and set to auto start
  2. I used a the dell OS recovery tool (that i got here: https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/drivers/osiso/recoverytool/win) and pressed f12 at the boot menu when trying to start up my laptop, then went to troubleshoot and reinstalled windows 10 from a USB. Now i had no wireless drivers and many other drivers weren't installed. I also can't get internet by just plugging in an Ethernet cable for some reason even though it says the Ethernet driver is installed. So i tried to download the driver installations individually and put them all on a flash drive and then put the flash drive in the inspiron 7577. I got the drivers from dell's support site and used the service tag. All of them seem to have installed successfully except for the wireless one. I get the error : This software package cannot be installed on your system I attached an installation log file to this post if that's useful at all. I saw someone posted this similar issue in this thread https://forums.intel.com/s/question/0D50P0000490XSXSA2/trouble-installing-or-downgrading-wireless-driver-error-the-software-package-cannot-be-installed-on-your-system?language=en_US I followed the instructions in there and successfully downloaded the latest version of the generic drivers. But I still can't connect to wifi and nothing related to wifi shows up in my device manager. Basically nothing happened. am I supposed to do something else after i install it? let me know if you need any other information. If i could just get either ethernet or wifi on this thing maybe dell SupportAssist or some other driver assistant software can do the rest, but i can't get this thing to connect to the internet at all right now =( anyone please help? Intel-3165-7265-8260-8265-Wi-Fi-Driver_5XTG6_WIN_20.50.0.8334_A03.txt