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  1. Ya thanks for the response, but i wanna save the entire game. Like the 25.5 gigs of BF4 so i don't have to download it again. Or the 15 gigs of Bioshock infinite.
  2. So i juist finish my new PC build an have so problems with windows corrupted data. Doesn't even download windows updates and i'm having proxy errors browsing the internet. But so on, while I was building the PC i was gonna isntall an SSD and when it was installing it just woudn't boot. I tested as an external drive and it worked fine. So me being lazy i decided to install it to the hard drive directly. But now with the issues I have been having I wanna try and install the SSD again and Keep the library.(I've downloaded about 300 gigs of memory for the last 2 weeks and honestly i don't wanna download it all again) So with all that said, Does anyone have a solution for backing everything up and smoothly? I have had problems before backing up certain software linked to steam and other cloud based software. And any suggestion on how to properly install windows on an SSD would be nice, since it my first PC build.