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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 2600
  • Motherboard
    ASUS ROG Strix B450-F
  • RAM
    TridentZ 16GB RGB
  • GPU
    GTX 1070 FE
  • Case
    Coolermaster Masterbox 5 Lite RGB
  • Storage
    240GB HyperX FURY RGB SSD
  • PSU
    PowerSpec 650W 80+ Bronze
  • Display(s)
    32" Samsung Curved Monitor
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    Windows 10 Pro ( 64-Bit )

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  1. I have 16gb or trident Z ram and a Ryzen 5 2600 , and no my monitor only goes up to 72hz , but I am planning on buying a 1440p 144hz monitor down the line
  2. Today I went out and bought a new graphics card , an ROG strix 2070 OC Edition , coming over from having a 1070 Founders Edition , I want to know how big of a difference and improvement will I see from this new card . I game in 1080p , mostly AAA titles .
  3. yea thanks good to know, ill be checking it out and running some tests .
  4. just checked core temp and as of right now i am at 35 degrees and under load usually at get to 65 sometimes a little higher depending on what i am doing and how long i am doing it for.
  5. Yes indeed , it looks really nice , I did tho have a coolermaster masterbox 5 rgb case but I did not really like it so I sold it and switched over to the h500i , a way better case imo
  6. So I built this around 4 months ago and it is my very first pc , I think it came out pretty good , although my cable management could improve lol . Been thinking of getting a loop for the cpu as the case does allow for water cooling , but I am just a noob so I don’t think it’s a good idea , but let me know if I should . Spec list : - ryzen 5 2600 -16gb trident Z rgb ram , 3000mhz speed -with OC -asus b450f mobo - Gtx 1070 FE -2TB segate hdd -240gb hyperX ssd -coolermaster master cooler 120 cpu aio -650w gold seasonic psu and it’s all packed into an NZXT H500i
  7. Into the cpu fan header as I believe That’s what the instructions said to do the first time I installed it
  8. So I just got a new case for my build and I transferred everything over just fine, the only problem is that now my aio fan which is a 120 mm fan is spinning at a crazy speed and it’s stays like that and I can’t seem to figure out why when everything was just fine in my other case. Sorry for the long post but I just can’t use my pc while the fan tries to blast off . P.S I got the NZXT h500i idk if that matters tho
  9. oh well then either you have to flash the bios or maybe you have a faulty kit
  10. do you know if the mobo supports the ram? is the kit ddr4
  11. ok so i just got back on and it still does not work wait nvm it just worked omg after second try thank you lol
  12. true , i did not think about that actually ,i am going to try that right now , i'll get back to you in a bit
  13. yea i have tried that twice already and no luck
  14. So I got a new 2TB hard drive , it initialized but the file system turned into RAW and when trying to format it to ntfs so that I can start using it , it always gives me the error " the format did not complete successfully" . I have tried using programs like Ease US and mini tool partition wizard but any time i format the disk through them , it says the format was successful but it does not actually show in the disk manager , i dont know what else i can do , so if any of you might have other solutions please reply !
  15. Ok I downloaded it but I’m going to restart my pc and try again if it doesn’t work then ima take it back and get it replaced