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  1. Its not something I would get but the work looks good and if you are happy with it then you made an excellent choice
  2. I have the ace, initially bought it for a 3950x but now am thinking maybe I just need a 3900 instead, but as far as the mobo goes the bios is nice to work with, the board has a very logical friendly layout and as for the sata ports, how many does one need now? I mean I am only using one and then a pair of m.2 and once 4tb m.2 hits ill be ditching sata drives all together
  3. This thing is great for both smoothing your ends and making minor adjustments to length, I used one for my first loop, tossed it on a cordless drill and it was fantastic https://www.primochill.com/collections/rigid-tools/products/primochill-rfb-rigid-tubing-finishing-bit-10mm-id-x-12mm-od
  4. Oh I missed that, ya pretty much every reviewer is saying the 1660 super is the way to go if you are looking for $$ per fps. You can always put the savings towards bigger storage if you think you might need more
  5. You should find ram that either 3000 or 3200, besides that you are good to go
  6. Getting a 2700x and a x570 board makes no sense unless you plan on upgrading to a 3rd gen ryzen eventually. If you dont then go to a x470 or b450 board.
  7. I built one back in 2009 ish with a pair of 6880's in crossfire and an amd processor but I dont remember which one. Then I didnt build a second one until earlier this year where I went 2700x and a 2080ti, i have since upgraded the board and processor as well as went full open loop, you could say I got bit by the bug hard and have progressed rapidly lol
  8. Linus actually talked about this on LAN show and he did what I would do. He would buy the newest gen card out and then sell it 4-6 weeks before the new one would come out, that way the card retained way more of its value on the secondary market and the money he gets out of it will put a huge dent in the next cards price tag. So if I was you I would buy a card to get you up and running and then sell it before the new stuff actually drops that way you can get the most money for your used gear as possible. I have a 2080ti and will likely put it up for sale about a month or so before the next gen comes out
  9. Apparently I also cant spell, that should have said "now" lol. Im guessing you must be in Calgary based on that response?
  10. Avalanche and Oilers fan here (I know thats a big no no but I was an avs fan since they moved to Colorado and have lived in Edmonton know for 14 years so Im just keeping them both). Its nice to see both teams doing well this year although the Avs got decimated by the injury bug already this year but if they get back healthy both have legit playoff chances which is fun
  11. I see no problem with his MB choice, if he wants x570 than thats fine but as others suggested the choices of SSD drives is really over kill. If you really want a gen 4 I would do one standard drive now and one NVME gen 3 and once the pricing for gen 4 comes down in price to more reasonable levels then you can pick one up. Otherwise build looks perfectly fine to me
  12. I use a 512 version of this for my OS and have been super happy with it, was a bit gun shy at first as I figured it was a budget bargin basement kinda option but I have used multiples of these drives now in several systems and have been very happy with the performance.
  13. The Ngo Brothers I believe still own the chain and live in Calgary
  14. Honestly I would just let Ryzen Master do auto oc for you if you want stable. AMD left very little on the table in way of OC on 3000 series
  15. That 970 is really really not needed. Just go with the sx8200 that was suggested, the difference will be negligible. Also will that cooler clear that ram?
  16. This is EXACTLY what Im doing, bought a 3600 on launch because I sold my 2700x while the market was still kinda high on them knowing full well it was temp until the 3950 comes out, just waiting to compare benchmarks on the 3950 compared to the 3900
  17. Not really but the costs can be close to identical. The intel 660p for example is 94 bucks for 1tb
  18. Fair enough, I see you have 2 m.2 spots on that board, why not get a 1 tb m.2 ssd instead of the 2.5 inch one you listed. Less cables is always nice
  19. For 10 bucks more that the 9700k you can get the 3800x instead of the 3600 and go to a base clock of 3.9 and 8 core. Brings the price up to $20 less than the current intel build you have listed but gets you more machine. Also the B450 Tomahawk Max is about 30 bucks less than the board you have listed and is an excellent board. Is there a reason you chose the one you did for the AMD build?
  20. https://hinta.fi/977288/corsair-rm750x Thats what I would go with, it will give you PLENTY of headroom and is well under the 150 mark, 80+ Gold and modular and reliable.
  21. This is an insanely first world problem lol. Turn up the thermostat in your place, problem solved
  22. I would maybe suggest 32gb of RAM just based on you talking about having a ton of Chrome tabs open at a time as well as other programs running in the back ground