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  1. I was gonna say the same thing about hd, I just built my computer and was gonna do the same thing till I came on here and it was explained to me why to do one, so that’s the route I went, same with ram, I woulda done 2x16 instead of 4x8 but since you already have it may as well use it
  2. Ya i think a 60 mm shouldn’t be an issue to fit even with the fans and pump bracket
  3. I was gonna use a single 360 mounted in the front, and suggestions on thickness?
  4. Ok so my system I want to cool is a 2700x and a 2080 ti. When I used the ekwb site it suggested that I need two rads but I really wanna try to avoid using two as I wanna hardline but keep things as simple as possible for now. I WILL be over clocking but I’m not trying to break records here. If I can use one what size/thickness would you suggest.
  5. He said he has no gpu, hence trying to use the onboard.
  6. I mis represented what I meant, I meant publisher not developer, that’s my fault
  7. Pretty hard to even start planning without more info, but if they actually deliver on what the rumors are I’ll have a 2700x for sale this summer lol
  8. If I could travel from store to store in quite literally 3-5 seconds I wouldn’t care. I know the comparison you were trying to make but I think that one doesn’t work. As for running in the background, I just actually close them and don’t have the start on boot up. None of the take up what i would consider to be a lot of disc space but I guess the term “a lot” is subjective. I just don’t see that specific angle holding water
  9. Serious question here because maybe I don’t get it. What is the serious inconvenience with having to launch another portal? I mean from my standpoint all that’s involved beyond the initial install process is simply launching a different program so basically 2 clicks. Am I missing something?
  10. I’m a bit confused how you guys are putting all the blame on Epic for this, this is on the developer, they made the choice. Epic offers them a business deal, the developer decided that the compensation to go exclusive with Epic justified not distributing the game else where. Nothing shady about that, not one bit. Epic is trying to establish its service right now and has decided that the course they want to travel is trying to sign big exclusives, and considering the reported cuts that Valve takes from the developer I don’t blame them for going the Epic route. And how much of an inconvenience is it to you guys to have another launcher? Geez that never once entered my mind as being an issue.
  11. If it’s peripherals and hard drives I see no harm in buying when you see good deals, most other parts I’d buy all at once
  12. Jesus you all are young lol. I started learning in the 80's before I was ten, my dad was a programmer, but he was blind so he had this very basic voice module for a computer the university that he worked for supplied for him. It literally just read back the lines he had typed out on the screen. I learned basic programming from that. I kept that up till I graduated high school, then I went to post secondary and got my a+ certification. By the time I had achieved that I had grown to hate computers and more to the point computer users, not the knowledgeable ones but the ones that would need me from a tech support standpoint. If you were around back then you would know that people had a very basic understanding of how computers worked and more to the point many had unrealistic expectations of what they could do for them. I chose to never professionally enter the field and didn't even own a computer for about 4-5 years after that because my education had led me to hate them, and when I did finally pick one up it was just for very basic web browsing and email and other utility like things, no enthusiast purposes or goals. Fast forward to October of this last year, I decided I was done with console gaming and wanted to get into PC gaming. I just took a short cut and bought an Alienware laptop. Then I started doing more research and watching a lot of videos such as Linus and Jayz2Cents, that made me want to do more, started off by buying a 2080 ti and the AGA so I could use it with my laptop, then that snow balled into building a whole new tower, and now currently researching the steps to water cool the whole damn thing. The point of my long drawn out post here is that technically I started when I was like 8 and was fairly proficient by 10 and kept building skills for another 8 years or so, then I stopped and by the time I got the itch to get back into it almost none of that knowledge matters anymore, everything has changed so I was back to square one in October, built the PC im currently using from ground up by January and that's all from forums like this and YouTube videos. My point is that if you have a bit of a knack for computers and a willing to invest time you can get proficient in a couple of months but the real question is how long will it take to turn proficient into efficient?
  13. What I’m looking for are rgb fans that can be controlled via software on the pc. I need 6 x 120mm for rads and then 1 more that’s preferably 140mm for rear fan but if I have to do another 120 it would likely be fine as the cpu and GPU will both be water cooled. I have a gigabyte auros gaming 7 WiFi board if that matters. I’m still new to this whole scene so bare with the stupid questions I might have lol
  14. My Mobo has the io shield built in and I messed around with it for a solid 15 minutes and used way more force than I expected I’d have to but then all of sudden it just snapped in. I assume by now you got it but if not just keep working at it
  15. I’m dumping it all on my credit card (should be like a 6k return); then I’ll be turning around and promptly buying parts to do a custom loop in my pc I built this month, and maybe another 2 sticks of ram just because the computer looks weird to me with the two empty slots
  16. http://www.ekwb.com Go to the link on that page that will go step by step to design a custom loop and it will give you a shopping list for all the parts you need including fittings, should help with getting you a ball park
  17. Thanks for the replys, ill tinker with the voltages tomorrow.
  18. Im using a 2700x and a gigabyte x470 AORUS Gaming 7 board, the voltage is only set at 1.215 and clocked at 3.9 currently and runs fine, but I start having issues at higher clocks, I assume its because the voltage is not going higher. What can I safely step up to? Also my ram is 3200 set at 1.35 and it doesn't like being set any higher than the advertised 3200, it goes into boot loops at anything higher, fairly normal? Im pretty new to overclocking so bare with me on these questions that are likely easy for a lot of you
  19. I have a define r6 and a 2080ti with zero cooling issues
  20. Ya I got home and knew I wasn’t going to bed lol
  21. Came down to dollars and cents. I wanted Ultrawide, wanted g-sync and wanted 144hz or better. This monitor went on sale for 600 bucks so it was the best value imo, 4K isn’t a concern for me
  22. Update time, got home last night at 12:30 and decided I need to start assembly so I stayed up till well after 4 and got it all done. I didn’t take pictures as I went because I just didn’t think of it. Either way I rolled the dice, built everything in the case and fully assembled and cable managed before I even pressed the power button and much to my surprise it posted first time and everything went exactly as it should. Im happy with the case selection as It definitely has enough space for doing a custom loop which will come in a few months. But for now I’ll enjoy it and stress test it to make sure everything is solid. The ONLY thing I’m not happy about is I really wanted to mount my graphics card vertically but there isn’t enough room for the pci connector with the power supply cover in there, I’m still gonna do some thinking on that and see if there is a way to do it. Still haven’t over clocked but it scored a 13430 on time spy on stock settings so that’s promising. Also the cables that come with the Corsair supply can’t bend at all close to the connector so cable management is not what I want, custom cables will be ordered
  23. The cards are definitely overpriced, I think they are good but the performance per dollar sucks, but I knew that when I bought it. It was an impulse purchase
  24. So after reading and asking a bunch of questions on here (thanks to everyone who answered) I am finally ready to build my first new tower in about a decade. I feel pretty good about everything I got, the only disappointing part is I have prior commitment tonight so I can start assembly till tomorrow (whether that's 1 am or 10 am is TBD). Im happy with all my choices, I now some will say "why did you buy this item instead of this item" or "that's overkill, you don't need that" but at the end of the day If I didn't pull the trigger I would have continued to chase my tail around for weeks. Here's hoping to a somewhat smooth build process! BTW the prices listed on there aren't accurate for everything, some was less but in reality the prices don't matter anymore. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant Type Item Price CPU AMD - Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7 GHz 8-Core Processor Purchased For $429.99 CPU Cooler Corsair - H115i RGB PLATINUM 97 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Purchased For $199.99 Thermal Compound Noctua - NT-H1 3.5 g Thermal Paste Purchased For $9.99 Motherboard Gigabyte - X470 AORUS GAMING 7 WIFI ATX AM4 Motherboard Purchased For $299.99 Memory Corsair - Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory Purchased For $344.99 Storage ADATA - XPG SX8200 Pro 512 GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive Purchased For $129.99 Storage Seagate - BarraCuda 4 TB 3.5" 5400RPM Internal Hard Drive Purchased For $134.99 Video Card EVGA - GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB XC GAMING Video Card Purchased For $1649.99 Case Fractal Design - Define R6 White TG ATX Mid Tower Case Purchased For $219.99 Power Supply Corsair - RMx (2018) 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply Purchased For $149.99 Operating System Microsoft - Windows 10 Pro Full - USB 32/64-bit Purchased For $119.99 Monitor Acer - Z35 bmiphz 35.0" 2560x1080 200 Hz Monitor Purchased For $799.99 Keyboard Logitech - G910 Orion Spark Wired Gaming Keyboard Purchased For $149.99 Mouse Logitech - G502 Proteus Spectrum Wired Optical Mouse Purchased For $83.99 Headphones Astro - A40 + MIXAMP Pro Headset Purchased For $329.99 Speakers Logitech - Z623 200 W 2.1ch Speakers Purchased For $149.99 Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts Total $0.00 Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-01-19 20:36 EST-0500
  25. Ended up buying this case, thanks for the recommendation, now just to pin down everything that goes inside lol