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  1. Well you could just use windows built in program to wipe out your system and reinstall everything. You can chose what you keep. What exactly are you concerned with losing? If its just picture or movies or music or whatever I would just dump it on an external and completely wipe out everything else if you are having major problems
  2. Basically just comes down to my mood. If im planning on multitasking I usually have something ive already seen on so if I "miss" something its something ive already seen. Ive rewatched the entire series of House MD so many times that its almost embarrassing
  3. They talked about it on WAN show, its evolved to something much greater than they originally planned, hence the delays and Jake being christened "Floatplane Jake"
  4. I used a ton of Bykski fittings in my loop, many different types and each one has been great so far, nothing leaks and everything holds tight with good tolerances, been up and running for about 8 months
  5. My loop was between 1200-1300 CAD all said and done and that was using Bykski fittings, it all creeps up real quick. I did have close to 30 fittings mind you.
  6. Im currently running a Thermaltake p5 case myself. I use a Primochill rad and its been solid. I order Bykski fittings because I needed a ton of fittings (I think 27 total) and they seemed to be good for the money. Ive had mine running since July and its been trouble free besides the coolant losing color. I am also running a Bykski cpu block on my 3600 and its ok but its a bit gaudy and oversized so I might switch it out, I only got it because it had the coolant temp built in. For coolant I would avoid opaque at all costs, its known for gumming up loops, far harder to keep the system operating optimally and requires far more regular maintenance.
  7. I had a R6 and used a 280mm corsair AIO when i had it, worked great. Also I dont think a 480 fit, 420 maybe but I dont recall their being room for 480.
  8. As others have said, for what you are doing a AIO from corsair or others is perfectly fine. I know when I did my custom loop I was about $1200-$1400 CAD all said and done just for the custom loop pieces. Is it better? Id say so, but does it actually matter? Nope. Im sure if I left my GPU aircooled and just used a good AIO or big ass air cooler I would have similar/same performance in my games as far as FPS is concerned
  9. Lets see, My internet is included in my rent but its $90 a month, its 300mbps down /15mbps up Netflix is $16.99 Floatplane is like $4 WWE Network is $13 Amazon is $8 So I guess my total would be $132 a month CAD
  10. On Shaw Cable out here in Edmonton Ive just called in to the tech support guys in the past and told them I was gonna use my own router, they shut off the wireless part on their all in one piece, plugged mine in and it was good to go after set up. Are you referring to Bell Media or Rogers? Or other?
  11. Honestly installing a cpu is as simple as setting it in the socket and pushing down the lever, not rocket science and installing a mobo in a case is just sliding it in and putting in the screws, also easy. Not to mention its generally easier to install the cooler before putting the board in the case and depending on the case it might be easier to run some of the cabling before installing the the motherboard in the case. Much better to just start from square one and do it all. Its really actually quite simple as long as you take your time and use your head
  12. I believe the commander pro runs off of a USB header, not off and RGB header. I might be wrong on that as I installed mine a while ago but I dont recall it being hooked up to an RGB header
  13. I dont believe anyone offers that partial level of build as far as SI's go but I bet if you just went into a Microcenter or similar you could buy one and have them mount the cpu and motherboard. I know up in Canada I could do that at Memory Express stores
  14. Read your OP again and try to convince me you actual read the sticky first. Before you start swearing how bout you stop lying. You never said in this post, the original post, anything about amending the already existing sticky note. You asked them to make one and suggested something basically exactly the same as what was already in place. If you read it first you would not have written it the way you did. Instead when you got called on it already existing you tried to lie about reading it first and you just wanted to suggest changes and enforcement. You had the opportunity to just say "oops I missed that, is there a way we can enforce it being followed" but instead you lied about it to try to save face and tried to jump down my throat about calling you on. Take some responsibility for yourself.
  15. Not to be a dick to the OP or anything but can you really say something like “make people read the sticky’s” when you yourself didn’t read the sticky before suggesting something that was included in said sticky? I mean I agree with your point, just kinda seems like a “throwing rocks in glass houses” kinda thing. And before you say you didn’t read it because you weren’t asking a question about building a pc, you were suggesting what you thought would be a change to how it’s handled which should have triggered you reading the current guidelines anyways.
  16. Yep I got em both plugged in and got control, thanks guys. Nice to not have the pump spinning at 4800 rpm all the time lol
  17. I have a bykski distro plate with a pump built in. Pump has a molex connector and also a 4pin pump connector that has 2 wires in it. If I connect the pump connector to the mobo will I get Variable pump control and would I need the molex connected as well?
  18. This is good news, not even positive I can make it but Ill be buying a ticket regardless just in case
  19. I wouldnt care if someone did it to me. What do I care, I bought someone a gift not because of the value of the gift but because I value the relationship. If you wanna know than just look
  20. Id say that board is perfectly fine, but I would maybe downgrade the ram to vengeance if you have to to free up a little more money for a better power supply, see if you can get into an RX version maybe from corsair? Otherwise thats a good looking set up
  21. Im more of a Ryzen person but if I was in your spot I would have done the exact same thing. Realistically if you get $300 for your 8700k than you got a 9900k for $139.99, thats stellar
  22. Here we go -Broken left foot -Broken left elbow -Broken left wrist -Torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder - severely hyper extended my left knee - dislocated my right knee Those are all the injuries I can pin point to individual events that caused the injury, many from sports. Then on top of that I have some chronic pain issues that just develop over time, I work on cars for a living and that kinda job wreaks havoc on your back and joints.
  23. I used to spend a ton at xmas time on presents, like $1500-$2000, but I have severly scaled back now and realistically probably only ended up spending around $300 this year. I have 3 nieces that I bought stuff for and a brother who I bought some computer stuff for because he needed it. Me and my sister dont bother with gift exchanges being we are 38 and 39 years old and live 12 hours apart, not worth the hassle.