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  1. Ive only ever done online ordering where I picked up in store with Mem Express, in those cases you just pay in store. It wouldnt shock me if this was all legit but as others said, call in just to be safe.
  2. Some people just arent smart
  3. That board Im 99% comes flashed for the new Ryzen chips
  4. Which is why the OP might be able to get away with building one for 600 bucks, might suit his needs just fine. I get what you mean though
  5. What do you mean by that? Also Jayz2cents did one using the Phanteks EVOLV SHIFT which was small and worked out great. He also did one in another small form factor, cant recall the name but it was a modular case where you can add layers to it depending on the space you need, he used it as a portable editing rig for CES last year I believe
  6. Someone would need more info, where will it be built, are you building it and just want a quote on supplies or do you want to hire a contractor, is there power availible at the site or are you wanting to do a generator set up, how will it be heated/does it need to be heated, etc etc
  7. Who is that off of? I’m only asking because I’ve certainly seen testing that did not have them anywhere near the bottom, so to hear they are “by far the worst” I’d like to read the article. And to make it clear I’m not arguing here, I genuinely would like to read it to see how they arrived at the conclusion. They might be shit and I just got lucky, but education is king
  8. Ya I’m a bit lost on the choices of hard drives, is there a reason you did 4 2tb drives?
  9. Literally any spreadsheet software. Like tracking flipping is about the simplest data you could possibly put into a spreadsheet, you need like 4 -6 columns depending how precise you wanna get
  10. I have great results with my MEG ACE board so far, got it launch day. But you definitely should have a SSD
  11. $2000-$2500 CAD a year is my estimate although it could be a bit higher. I drive a 2017 VW Beetle
  12. Gotta heat the tubing to bend it in any meaningful fashion. You can pick it up and if you have a 2 foot long piece you can bend it very slightly but it wont hold its shape and if you try to bend it in the way that would be useful in a build it will just break. Buy yourself a cheap heatgun and a rubber tube to stick in the tube your bending so it doesnt collapse while you work on it
  13. Walked into my room to see just this on my bed
  14. Oh I realized thats what you did, I have the same power supply so I recognized the cables Im just saying you could buy a set of the extensions from like Asia Horse for like 30-40 bucks and it would make your life easier, but youre looking good regardless as it is
  15. Im not sure if it was mentioned yet but if you got sleeved extensions than you could really make it look good. That would get rid of seeing the GPU power cable loop you have going on from one 8 pin to the next and it would let you take that big bulky 24 pin eyesore and hid it being the MB tray, would make a world of difference IMO. Over all though after looking at that picture you posted a few up Id say you did a great job with what you are working with.
  16. 1988 ish, I was 7, Dad had been a computer programmer of some sort at McMaster University in Ontario before he went blind so he taught me using his computer he got that had text to speech module, pretty impressive when you think of the time it was, but it was HUGE lol
  17. Started replacing and upgrading my cordless tools at work. After a month this is where I’m at, plus a rotary tool not pictured. Just need to get the stubby 3/8 driver and the die grinder and I think I’ll be good for now. Also need to pick up a couple bigger batteries but I’ll order those off amazon and get some off brand ones
  18. I just re-read my initial post and obviously didnt make this clear. I HAVE a 480mm rad currently in my P5, so I was looking for a new case where I could still use it.
  19. Literally almost any video from the last 6 months would have worked lol
  20. What cases can you guys think of that can fit a 480mm rad? Im currently using a Thremaltake P5 but was thinking of doing something new. I would prefer to not have to buy a new rad so I wanna see what options are out there. But if I cant find anything I will either not bother changing or just buy a new rad/rads
  21. This is way to general. It really depends on the item being sold as to what profit margin you aim for. Also almost no real business talks about profits in $, its in %. Honestly if you are selling a product for under $30 buck and arent making 50-100% mark up on it then in the grand scale its not worth selling unless you are in a very very high volume business, where as a $2000 product that you then mark up 5-10% is perfectly acceptable depending on what you are doing in regards to shipping and if you are paying taxes on this (ie is this a legit business or something you are doing that you hope the government doesn't find out about).
  22. The first code is the one to be worried about. Your thermostat wont cause your problem. How many miles are on your car, have you ever done the timing chain on it? And lastly did you check your oil level?
  23. How handy are you? If you know what you are doing and have a multimeter you could put in a new power supply and wire it to your proprietary board. Then use a molex or sata connector off the new power supply to run a generic RGB controller sold with many of the generic LED strip kits on amazon.
  24. If you enjoy it, than you did good. I didnt go as heavy as you but I have phillips hue, I have all RGB fans, watercooling blocks, RAM, LED strips etc in my build. I like it, I think it displays well but at the end of the day if YOU like your space than YOU did good.
  25. I’m guessing this is just a hypothetical? Or are you actually looking to build this?