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  1. Ravendarat

    How old

    38 only watching for 18 monthsish
  2. This is exactly what I was gonna suggest, If you look at the EGPU units the video cards mount vertical into them instead of horizontal, would stand up to vibration MUCH better and then the rest of the components in the laptop would be fine so long as you have a good place to put the actual laptop. Im sure you could make a very acceptable gaming set up with this.
  3. If its a new HX thats a good deal so long as it fits your desired upgrade path
  4. Ive seen it in other electronics, cant say ive seen it in a cpu psu but based on the op description of events it points that way
  5. Sounds good. I mean its not like buying a new tube would be the end of the world but I prefer to not waste stuff if I dont have to.
  6. I have a tube of Noctula thermal paste, I left it in my car for a few days when it was like -25 to -30, will it still be usable or should I be tossing it out?
  7. I also use applications that only work on IE, im in the automotive industry and some of the firmware update tools I use only work in IE, very annoying
  8. I have a bunch of Bykski stuff, its been solid.
  9. If you are just going to cool the CPU for now those kits are fine, make sure they arent aluminum rads, I couldnt see on the site if they specify so you might need to email them. As someone else said soft tubing isnt as nice looking but it gets your foot in the door and it you use on of those kits then you arent using the distribution plate off the hop anyways. I think its a fine way to start off and get you started. Some of the pieces in that kit will be reusable in the future anyways.
  10. I did my first loop using hardline, honestly its not that hard, just takes some time, I still had mine done in about 5 hours using a core p5 and cooling both the gpu and cpu. As for parts, what kind of budget do you have? Custom loops can get expensive real quick so lets make sure you have enough resources to buy what you need to do the job right
  11. What are you intending to do for the rest of the cooling set up? How many more fans are you using, where are they being positioned, leaving the top solid or removing the metal and installing just the filter etc etc
  12. Why not set the top to intake and stick 3 fans up there, you would probably see a noticeable improvement if you go that route as opposed to a single on the bottom
  13. I dont see why not, the commander pro is just a pass through. Im using one on my case and my front IO is plugged into my commander pro and just passed through to the Mobo
  14. Core P5 from Thermaltake lets you shift ALL the PCIE slots to vertical mounts and can easily accommodate a 3x slot card. But its open chassis so It might not be what you are looking for
  15. Id jump all over that if I was you.
  16. Ive only ever done online ordering where I picked up in store with Mem Express, in those cases you just pay in store. It wouldnt shock me if this was all legit but as others said, call in just to be safe.
  17. Some people just arent smart
  18. That board Im 99% comes flashed for the new Ryzen chips
  19. Which is why the OP might be able to get away with building one for 600 bucks, might suit his needs just fine. I get what you mean though
  20. What do you mean by that? Also Jayz2cents did one using the Phanteks EVOLV SHIFT which was small and worked out great. He also did one in another small form factor, cant recall the name but it was a modular case where you can add layers to it depending on the space you need, he used it as a portable editing rig for CES last year I believe
  21. Someone would need more info, where will it be built, are you building it and just want a quote on supplies or do you want to hire a contractor, is there power availible at the site or are you wanting to do a generator set up, how will it be heated/does it need to be heated, etc etc
  22. Who is that off of? I’m only asking because I’ve certainly seen testing that did not have them anywhere near the bottom, so to hear they are “by far the worst” I’d like to read the article. And to make it clear I’m not arguing here, I genuinely would like to read it to see how they arrived at the conclusion. They might be shit and I just got lucky, but education is king
  23. Ya I’m a bit lost on the choices of hard drives, is there a reason you did 4 2tb drives?