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    Ryzen 7 2700
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    Asus prime B350 PLUS
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    32GB @ 2666mhz but 4 diffrent dims
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    Windows 10 pro/Windows server 2019+2016
  1. Starting everything using a .bat file works great, The only issue is now that when i logon, I see all processes In task manager, but none are visible to me, They are all hidden supposedly and they Are running, How can i have those instances appear without reopening new ones? Example of one process, which applys to All processes but 2 on the startup Image
  2. It launches a .javascript which uses node.js for windows, but nothings changed it doesn't launch, Even when i log onto windows it doesn't open.
  3. I've created a new task sch but just running a javascript since that ran on its on, but i didn't see the app/program open anywhere in task manager, so i'm rebooting the server and seeing what happens.
  4. I closed all the programs the task should run, right clicked run and Nothing happened. VVV Video http://minerspark.co.uk/Scr/2019-12-11 06-25-34.mp4
  5. I'm getting a repeated error and nothing launchs untill i logon using remote desktop Each restart this appers, I tryed googling for the answers but they also failed to work. Image
  6. Gonna give it a shot, Thanks for da hasty reply
  7. I pay for a full dedicated server from OVH, And I've not had much experience really using windows server, i had just used Linux for a good while, but i relised as time went on i needed to get alittle more space+hardware so i bought a Rise 1 from ovh, There a couple things i can't work out, Right now one issue is that i need certain programs to open automaticly if the server ever restarts (windows updates). But my account won't do that since I've only ever connected using a 2nd user account i'm given "admin" and the only way the programs start is when the account is logged into, is there anyway i can change that so all programs that are setup to start at login, will just start at boot (if it happens) without the requirement Of a login? I'm also new here don't be mean