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  1. why you would go with black? can you tell me please?
  2. so to buy 6TB black or red *8TB pro for gaming?
  3. what is your opinion for the 8TB gold western hardisks? is like black and WD red pro? can you tell me please? what kind of performance has the 6tb Black? is like red pro?
  4. you mean that blue is pure garbage? why my friend? if i will buy 6TB black is very good choise? what is your opinion for black 6TB disks?
  5. so for my case better is to buy blue and black hardisks?? or purple? for gaming i mean?
  6. what is the difference for blue 8TB and black 6TB and purple hardisks and red nas disks ?? # whiich is the diference between these 4 ? blue,, purple and black and red hardisks?/ can you tell me please?/
  7. which are the best top 8tb hardisks? for to buy?? can you tell me please? anysugestions for which 8tb hardisk to buy? can you help me please?
  8. helo i am interesting to buy one 8TB Hdisk .. i will use this disk for gaming . can you suggested me the best 8Tb hardisk for gaming use?
  9. so which monitor to buy from these 3; Viewsonic XG2703-GS, AOC Agon AG271QG and the Acer xb271hu;
  10. helo i want to buy the Daemon Tools Pro and the daemon tools ultra do you know from where i can find these 2 programms cheaper??