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  1. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and even restarting my computer several times but it didn't work
  2. So I was casually browsing on the latest version of Chrome BUT - 1. The Google apps grid button on the top right corner is NOT working 2. Gmail won't load properly at all like there are some icons missing and it is becoming really inconvenient Please somebody assist me Thanks in advance .
  3. I'm sure I can enjoy anything but Fortnite, thanks a lot! Is PUBG PC compatable on my system config?
  4. hemanthssr


    I have a Laptop with an Intel i5 7200u coupled with an AMD Radeon R5 M420 graphics card, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and 1TB of hard disk space. The Laptop is a Dell Vostro 3568 and I'm aware that I don't have exactly good specs for a laptop but can someone suggest me some playable games on this config? Thanks in advance
  5. hemanthssr


    I have an intel i5 7200u which has intel hd graphics 620 and after updating it's drivers I'm not able to access the intel graphics settings, someone please help me. After this loading screen appears for a few seconds nothing happens, whereas I used to be able to access the graphics settings