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  1. Tanx for the help, i will try everything you suggested
  2. My pc freezes and when i restart it show like this, i am not even able to diagnosis my hard drive, it stays frozen after it luckily starts Help me with this
  3. only ryzen is fine, i just wanna know which series is the best 5,7 or 9
  4. hey there, i am just curious about amd line up cpu's. can anyone explain all the amd cpu's briefly and which is currently best for gaming regardless of budget i was hoping for in detail explanation and compassion of all amd cpu which are released till date.
  5. Barry220


    ok tanx for the reply man.
  6. Barry220


    i saw that it has ddr4 sdram in the description so i am confused if it will work on my ddr3 motherboards i thought ddr4 rams wont work on ddr3 mobs right?
  7. Barry220


    Western Digital 250GB Internal Solid State Drive (WDS250G2B0A) is this ssd compatible with my ddr3 mobo??
  8. no not showing in disk management either
  9. hey guys, my external hard drive wont show on my computer when i connect, but i can hear the sound when i connect the hard drive. it wont even show in disk management but it is visible in open drivers and printers. even though it is not visible in mypc i can still eject the hard drive in the task bar
  10. Hey guys i really dont know a thing about motherboards, can someone give me some insight about mobos?? like what are amd boards? what are intel boards? which ones are best and which are worst, boards and CPU compatibility etc basically everything. id appreciate if you explain in layman's terms. i am just curious thats all
  11. i just bought it this jan, so maybe i could use it till next jan. by then ill replace a new psu, is that fine ??
  12. i dont remember man all i know is its Corsair VS550 550-Watt Power Supply and here is the link where i bought it from "https://www.amazon.in/Corsair-VS550-550-Watt-Power-Supply/dp/B00DQ5OB4C/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3600SOXR5JAE5&keywords=power+supply+for+pc&qid=1554616532&s=gateway&sprefix=power+supply%2Ccomputers%2C285&sr=8-4"
  13. lol tanx man didnt get that atx part, tanx for the reply man ill get a new one like you said better safe then sorry
  14. sorry didnt quite get that can you explain that in layman's terms