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  1. Barry220

    Graphics Card Temps

    hey guys, my Rx 570 going over 80c while gaming for just 30 mins is that normal for a gpu?
  2. Barry220

    CPu Temperatures

    yeah man now the temps are at bay, guess i dont need any CPU cooler
  3. Barry220

    CPu Temperatures

    seems like my thermal paste has been dried up pretty bad is this the reason for overheating??
  4. Barry220

    CPu Temperatures

    ok ill try that
  5. Barry220

    CPu Temperatures

    yeah i am using stock
  6. hey guys, my cpu temperatures are going upto 90c while gaming, do i really need to buy cpu cooler to maintain my temperatures while gaming? what is the ideal CPU temp at gaming? what is the red zone temp? for Cpu's and finally which is the best app to check temperatures and stuff because i am using Msi after burn and Intel tuning utility both show different temps which varies up to 5 to 10c sometimes
  7. Barry220

    Offtopic about Amd free Game Bundle

    like 2 days
  8. hello guys, did anyone redeemed Amd free games. i recently bought a Rx 570 and i received coupon code in mail from my seller, but when i try to enter that code in Amd rewards Website its kinds shows something like we need more info.so i did post everything they asked for in Amd support and i received a token number something like this(500***) and said our agent will contact you soon, but i still haven't got any reply from Amd how long would they take to reply??? any one who redeemed Amd free game, please tell how might i receive my free game bundle.
  9. Barry220


    Speed 2133 2133 its show like this, so i am fine with my dual channel right?
  10. Barry220


    Hey guys i recently purchased a 8 gb ram ddr4 2133mhz and paired it with 4 gb 2133mz. but the question is how do i know both are working at same frequency ??
  11. Barry220

    Which is Better

    hey there, i got a Rx 570 it has two dvi and Hdmi ports and dont have any vga port, my monitor dont have a hdmi. it has one dvi and one vga what should i do buy a hdmi to vga adapter or dvi to dvi which is better??
  12. Barry220

    Graphics Card

    its says it has 1*PCIe 3.0x16 graphics inteface
  13. Barry220


    is my mobo compatible with amd Rx 570 it has one pcie 3.0 X16
  14. Barry220

    Graphics Card

    Well man one more thing is rx 570 compatible with my mobo?? it has 1 pcie 3.0
  15. Barry220

    Graphics Card

    Tanx man for your replies