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  1. So i've looked more into the ASUS TUF monitor, and it seems to tick all the boxes. I have heard however that you may face some motion blur with IPS panels. Would you say this is still prevalent nowadays or would it be better due to the higher refresh rates and g sync?
  2. i think the biggest question I have is, should i consider the 2080ti now or just wait until nvidia decides to release the 30 series? i heard they may be announcing them around June
  3. I noticed that on some of them, the response time is almost 5ms. This will cause some input lag am i right? You alos mentioned an upcoming monitor that I would love to see!
  4. so my main thing to do on my pc is play games and watch videos, what type of panel would you say is best for that?
  5. Would you say there is any monitor in particular that takes the crown?
  6. Hey Solar, Thanks for that. I'm honestly struggling quite a bit to understand most of the things in that list. lemme link you a monitor and see if you think its any good! https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/asus/tuf-vg27aq
  7. I have Nvidia and plan to stick with them for a while as AMD doesnt provide anything thatll be able to match Nvidia. I'll have a look at the Dell monitor. Let me know if you have any other recommendations, price shouldnt be too much of an issue!
  8. I do. sorry about that but thanks for clearing it up!
  9. Hi everyone, So i am looking to find the best 144hz 2k monitor. quite a simple question but i am always a bit confused about the different panel types such as TN and VA. Thanks in advance!
  10. so to add, i am looking to play 4k games with the gpu. i dont believe that the other gpus mentioned can reach 4k at 60fps. Speaking of 30 series, when are we likely to see these? Thanks guys
  11. Hi everyone, I think the title says it all. I want to get a 2080ti but i am not sure it is still worth it in 2020 with potential new cards coming out in the near future. Let me know! Thanks.
  12. DxRalph

    Audio Issue

    So ive also had my base station replaced now. This problem only happens with my gen 3 astro a50s.... i tried my old gen 2 and they never have the issue. what on earth could it be..
  13. DxRalph

    Audio Issue

    Hi guys, After i clean installed my audio driver (realtek) I have been getting a message saying that i need to restart to finish installing my audio drivers.... Very weird and it keeps popping up
  14. DxRalph

    Audio Issue

    Thanks for the reply Brennan. I could try a different extension lead in general and see if that changes anything. Do you mean that? the base station from astro just plugs into the pc through usb and line in. Ive changed my usb saettings etc so i know it cant be that. Astro are honestly useless when it comes to customer service. The guy im speaking to has repeatedly told me that he doesnt see an issue even though I have had my mobo, ram and headset replaced at this point. It cant be much else other than the base station. All my drivers are up to date...........
  15. DxRalph

    Audio Issue

    I can unfortunately not use my headset without the base station. Ive tried different cables and the same still happens. I have also tried to not run through my realtek device with the optical cable and just run through the usb to the base station. Same issue. this makes me believe it cant be the realtek drivers etc because it still happens when they are not in use.