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  1. Hey everyone. I got a old Acer M5811 PC and decided to upgrade it and gift it to a good friend who can't afford a PC. I recently bought some new RAM Sticks with 8GB per Stick. It's a 2x8GB Kit which i bought of someone nearby (Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB 1600MHz CL10). After installing the RAM and taking out my 2GB Stick it just would not boot. It beeps and shows the Acer Screen but then turns off and on. When i installed my old RAM Stick (elixir 2GB 1333MHz CL9) it just boots up fine. I tried all possible combinations with the new and old ram on all 4 Slots but i just could not bring the new RAM to work. Now i wonder if it's because the CPU im using (i3-530) doesn't support 1666MHz RAM or the OEM Mainboard (remember, it's a prebuilt system) doesn't support the RAM.
  2. you have to run the game on borderless if you want 70Hz on Rainbow Six Siege
  3. Hello everyone, i have a question about my RAM on Ryzen. I have an Ryzen 5 1600 and 3x4GB HyperX FURY 2666MHz CL15(https://www.real.de/product/309797742/?sl=aHlwZXJ4IDRnYiAyNjY2bWh63jGTYJ5tCgavmhxeCgTeJigzQEb7MI-pFQTii3KigWI) When i first build my computer i just bought 4GB because i was on a tight budget. A few months later i bought 8GB on top of it (basically the same ram so 2x4GB). Now i ended up with 3x4GB Sticks and wonder what's better for Ryzen, having 2 or 3 RAM Sticks installed? Currently im using 2 Sticks and successfully overclocked them on 3000MHz with the same timings. When i install 3 Sticks i can't get past 2933MHz on CL15. Also another question, would you guys recommend me buying new RAM or just buy another 4GB Stick to have 16GB in total?
  4. As far as i know my cpu boosted to 3.6GHz on all cores before i started overclocking so i don't understand why it's behaving like this now
  5. wait actually according to HWMonitor my CPU boosted once to 3.6GHz but only for 1 sec or less. When im stressing it rn it's stuck at 3392MHz
  6. Hello everyone! I got a problem with my Ryzen 5 1600. So i overclocked it in the past on my ASUS B350-F Mainboard but i wasn't able to run it stable on 4GHz. It worked for gaming and browsing but when i started to render a video, my system just crashed so i dialed back all my adjustments but now i got into another problem. As far as i know the base clock of this chip is 3.2GHz and the normal boost clock should be 3.6GHz but when im playing games or just stress the cpu (for example with cinebench r15) the cpu only boosts to 3.4GHz. I updated my BIOS is the most recent which i could find on the ASUS Support page and i also tried to clear the CMOS by taking out the battery and later assembling it. Even after reinstalling windows on a different drive and having everything on default my cpu won't reach it's usual boost clock. My cooler is the Wraith Prism cooler from AMD and it keeps my CPU pretty cool so i don't think it's thermal throttling (under load around 62 degrees celcius = ~143F). i forgot to mention that before overclocking my PC behaved normal even with the normal cooler and a crappy airflow case (which i happily don't have to use anymore)
  7. Okay then is your CPU compatible with the Mainboard but if you decide to change it be aware that you might need to update your bios
  8. I got the bequiet Pure Power 10 500W +80 Silver I also forgot to tell you something important with your Motherboard. Look at the Box or the Specs that it is Ryzen 2000 ready. Mainboards like the one you've chosen need an BIOS Update to support the Ryzen 2000 series. For Updating your Bios you need a Ryzen 1000 Series and then update the bios via USB, so that can be difficult for someone who is new and doesnt know someone who can borrow his Ryzen 1000 cpu
  9. Maybe an MSI Radeon RX 570 8GB or Gigabyte Radeon RX 580 8GB. Watch for websites where you can compare the price of different websites.
  10. Take a Case you really like even if it's a more expensive. I did the same mistake and just chose one Case. Now I wanna upgrade my Case and it also costs a lot of money. So my personal tip is to buy a case you really like for a long time to not upgrade your case months later If you really dont care about RGB and stuff i recommend you a basic case like Fractal Design Meshify C TG
  11. So to your CPU: it's a good pick for an PC and also enough for gaming and all stuff but i would also recommend you to buy a good cooler for another 40€ or else. (Stock Cooler is enough btw, but when you're rendering a video your cpu can get quite hot) RAM: 8GB in Dual Channel is good for Ryzen and 2666MHz is enough. Mainboard: It is not the worst mainboard but a friend of me has the same mainboard and he is unhappy with it. So i would rather buy something else in ATX or mATX. GPU: the 4GB is enough but the 8GB version is (i think so) like 20$ more so i would rather buy the 8GB version. Power Supply: It's an overkill for your PC so like a 500W PSU is still enough for that build. With the saved up money you could buy a better mainboard or else. SSD: good. HDD: also good DVD: if you have access to a pc i would rather download Win to a 8GB Stick and then buy a Product Key from eBay for 6$ its way cheaper than buying an extra DVD Reader: Last is your Case: you didn't say anything about your case. The Case is your own choise but look for something that has good Airflow for your whole system. Good Luck for your build I don't know the pricings in the UK/USA but what about a GTX 1060 6GB?
  12. Hey guys, I thought of buying a new Case for my PC. After some searching i've found the Gigabyte AC300W. It looks pretty cool at my opinion but thats not my Question. I've seen that the Case has RGB which you can control per RGB Fusion with your Motherboard. I have an ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F Mainboard so it has AURA Sync but not RGB Fusion from Gigabyte. So my question is, if i'm buying this Case and put my whole Setup in there, would it Sync with my other Stuff?
  13. I dont really have experience with the 1080 ti either the 2080 ti. I mostly heard that RTX decreases your FPS enormly. If you dont wanna spend too much money on a GPU, i would advise you a GTX 1080 ti. It could be a problem with RTX on if you have more than 1 Monitor running on 4k. If you dont really care about money to spend on a GPU i advise you to buy an 2080 ti because it has more performence than a normal 1080 ti.
  14. Hey, i have a ASUS GTX 750 ti built into my PC. I have an ATX Mainboard and got an old AMD Graphics Card (AMD Radeon HD 8490). If i would put it also into my PC, does it increase my Performence or decrease it? And will it work?