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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 2600x
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    MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
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    HyperX Predator RGB 8x2 @ 3200
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    GeForce® RTX 2070 SUPER™ GAMING OC 3X 8G
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    Cooler Master MasterBox MB511 RGB
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    1 ssd 120 gb / 1 hdd 1tb / samsung 250gb ssd
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    seasonic focus plus gold 850 watt
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    1440p (2560x1440) 32inch 144hz lg gk650f
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    hyper 212 evo black edition
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    corsair k55
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    razer deathadder elite
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    soundblaster x katana
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    windows 10
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  1. its about the same price of a good oled 1499. the PHILIPS 55OLED903/12 So yeah that with added burnin risk i rather not pull the pin on that grenade i can get a cheap 4k tv for 400 bucks but.. i rather want a good one. and i do not need ambilight from philips due to my tv not being against a wall. or need sony due to well sony's support in the netherlands isnt the best. And i like samsung and their costumer support. but prices are always high due to import costs for europe. i wish most companies would start to produce it here. it would really make the prices better but eh cant have everything.
  2. dont have a best buy in the netherlands and i wouldnt have a curved tv monitor is fine but tv is not good to have it curved
  3. yeah thanks for the responds i looked at the list and i think ill go with the q70. the q80 is about 1600 euros and is never in a sale. the q70 is about 1400 but has been in sale a few times all the way down to 900 ish. And currently an action going on where you can buy a q70 for 1450 euros and you get an xbox one s + a game for free. i might actually go for that. as much as i am rather a playstation fan due to the better controller design. anything for free is never something you could pass up. but i might see whether ill wait till its on sale again. I decided on the q70 55 inch due to it having 120 hz thus for gaming its ideal. and it also has better reflection controle (even though its in my bed room it will still be good to have) and better brightness thus hdr10+. sadly not dolby but thats fine. cant have everything i guess
  4. well as i stated my budget is about 1000 euros
  5. true but going from a 6 core to another 6 core is a bit of a side grade in my eyes. It's better to go with 8 cores. since that would be an actual hardware imrpovement too.
  6. yeah if it doesnt have issue with a 5700xt it shouldnt with a 2070 super even though it has a bit more power. But i think ill wait till next gen comes or the 3700x gets a good discount. i rather have a bit of an upgrade. instead of going to another 6 core
  7. So as the title says im looking for a new tv. my old tv is some philips 1080p tv. With ambilight. its good but.... its not GOOD. So i wanted to take the next logical step up which would be a 4k. Im going to be using it(netflix, disney+, normal tv channels etc) for tv and gaming so i would like it to be "60hz" and up. I'm looking for one below 1000 bucks. Preferably from samsung lg or philips. And i would like it to be new as in this year or last year so it basically has all the good stuff you would want in a tv. ofc picture quality is also something good but i do also like the best sound. I do however won't mind getting a soundbar for it. So that is fine. so if anyone has any suggestion please list them below. and or if you have it yourself i would appriciate a summary of it . thanks!
  8. the amd guy said that there was no issue. so now i am clueless cause clearly there is. i just think that perhaps the 2600x isnt good enough to keep up with a 2070 super then. so that definatly needs to be upgraded.
  9. ofc, they are cheaper here than intel parts. you can get a 2600x at 130 bucks here in the netherlands. any overclockable good intel 6 core part is at/above 220 bucks. or how about 8 core parts. 2700x 170 bucks closest intel 8 part overclockable cpu? 363 bucks. amd clearly wins when talking about cpu. Gpu however.. different story. here you can better save a bit more and get a 2070 super than get a 5700xt that is good and at around 500 bucks. Just not worth it.
  10. i still have about 24 months of warranty so i can totally return it but yeah i contacted them. but even if it is a microsoft issue how would they be able to fix it lol.
  11. i could try it yes cause that usage % doesn't make alot of sense.
  12. try and get a regular 2070 if they can still be found. if not if you have the money get a 2070 super and upgrade to a 3070 when they release. but that is a bit overkill for 1080p high refresh but... its better to have a bit of overkill than needing to tweak settings.