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  • Birthday 1998-04-10

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    ict student


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 2600x
  • Motherboard
    MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
  • RAM
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC GAMING ACX 3.0
  • Case
    SHARKOON - T3-W Blue
  • Storage
    1 ssd 120 gb / 1 hdd 1tb
  • PSU
    Cooler Master GM G550M
  • Display(s)
    2k 60hz (2560x1440)
  • Cooling
    hyper 212 evo black edition
  • Keyboard
    corsair k55
  • Mouse
    razer deathadder elite
  • Sound
    soundblaster x katana
  • Operating System
    windows 10
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  1. hollyh88

    Cant right click in any documents folder.

    this did it for me. shellexview. i followed a tiny instruction for it and disabled the purple ones. i can now use right click again in my files. thank you!!!!
  2. So the problem is as the title is. As of today i cant right click in the folder without it first blinking white and then resetting back to the desktop. And i dont know what causes this. things ive tried : https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-update/system-file-check-sfc-scan-and-repair-system-files/bc609315-da1f-4775-812c-695b60477a93 still no luck sadly.
  3. hollyh88


    the 2070 beats the 1080. it's not as good as the 1080.
  4. hollyh88

    GTX 1660ti or RTX 2060

    1660ti is a 1070 in some regards. Just get the 2060, it doesnt cost allot more if you want to go for a third party decent 1660ti.
  5. hollyh88

    2080 or radeon VII?

    want to game? 100% 2080. want to do workloads and so on? radeon 7.
  6. hollyh88

    Videocard on Ryzen 2200G for playing Battlefield V

    yeah no you cant play battlefield 5 with that cpu. due to it being 4 cores 4 threads. Latest battlefield games dont like that. So you would need to both get a decent cpu and gpu for that. you need at least a cpu with more than 4 threads.
  7. hollyh88

    Would you..? Gtx 1070ti —> gtx 1080ti

    this doesn't matter in a video card. unless you match 2 of the same types together. like an evga gtx 1070 sc vs evga gtx 1070 sc for example. When comparing your gtx 1070ti towards something newer you always need to check the differences at least nvidia wise in the cores. cuda cores rt cores etc etc etc. More = better. and the gtx 1080 ti has a lot more. it was the gaming king. well.. till the rtx 2080ti released and blew the 1080ti out of the water as if it was nothing But that will probably happen with the newest "80 ti" when that releases. next year or so.
  8. hollyh88

    RTX 2070 for 1440p?

    yeah sadly i had already bought an msi gaming z (2070) pre 2060 release.
  9. hollyh88

    RTX 2070 for 1440p?

    as others put it.. just exactly that. The rtx 2060 oc is so close to a 2070 at at least here in the netherlands.. around 200 cheaper. that its stupid. yeah you can oc the rtx 2070 but that doesnt come anywhere near a 2080. so its stupid...
  10. hollyh88

    RTX 2070 for 1440p?

    well i did mean the fps wise non rtx. rtx is just not good with something like a 2070. and extreme is the highest setting. so this is worsed case scenario (besides rtx). So the rtx 2070 can do quiet allot. but its pretty dissapointing since the rtx 2060 overclocked performs around a 2070 stock. so the 2070 is a bit of a joke.. it deserved allot more performance thats for sure. i mean get a 350 card.. oc it and you will have a 550/600 euro card. how dumb right?
  11. hollyh88

    RTX 2070 for 1440p?

    no. games are going so fast graphics wise. this is just not possible anymore. i can maybe give it 2 years but not 3 or 4. heck 2 years is even a stretch. well maybe if you wanne run low settings but you may as well play 1080p then.
  12. hollyh88

    RTX 2070 for 1440p?

    1080p ultra about 100-120 fps so.. 1440p about 70-80 fps 4k.. eh maybe 30-40 depending on where you are.
  13. hollyh88

    will ryzen 5 2600 bottleneck a rtx 2060???

    i am not. I speak the truth. nvidia has always been better in high end and i game on higher end gpu's. But it would be great if amd forced their prices down
  14. hollyh88

    How good is this psu

    its 5 years warranty ( factory ) and i didnt buy mine that long ago so its still within warranty for when i bought it. i got 2,5 years of warranty from the shop so im still in that period
  15. hollyh88

    How good is this psu

    not really. i mean.. im not a millionaire ..but i'm not poor.