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  1. Hi everyone, i have recently been getting a problem with my internet I use a Asus RT-N12+ that is connected to my main router a Tundra Titanium-24 my asus router that is set on repeater mode, (Budget router) used to pull thru 6-8mb but with time its starting to slow down to 70kb/s, issues started occuring where i had to factory reset my Asus router for it to get any speed. My Tundra router works fine, but moving it to my pc isnt an option as it is connected to the TV. I use an Asrock G41MH/USB 3 motherboard and a CAT6 Lan cable. Internet speed test shows 30mb/s (Im not good at this at all).
  2. Also i couldnt be your gpu as it is responsible for getting the picture to your screen.
  3. Try reseting the bios to original settings.
  4. Hi everyone, i recently gotten an acer aspire 5334 which had its USB ports (USB 1.0) replaced (Reasoning unknown), and the port still dont function, the power lines measure 5V (Normal, and measured on the pins inside the port and on the solder points) yet if i plug in a usb splitter the led doesnt work (which works on my normal pc), the soldering job is alright no shorts ground is connected and the pins are alined. Also no storage device plugged in the port doesnt get recognised.
  5. The gpu is older than me and older than the building im living in, ill probably sell it off to collectors
  6. Ive completley given up on the gpu, ill return to it at some point.
  7. Hi, I have a Asrock G41MH/USB3 which has a Intel G41 Chipset intergrated on it (i think its a intergrated gpu or sometihng like that), ive found it has been overheating for some reason,(it has the basic heatsink on it), i run a gt710 1gb gpuand it hasnt even been heating up slightly, or my cpu the only thing that has been heating up is this module, and my pc starts turning off and on again and again. Pleas help.
  8. The gpu works, is it possible to make the max temp higher
  9. I have a fairly low spec ATI Radeon 4800 series gpu (it says 4890 the the gpu), and i need help, i play PayDay2, but recently as soon as i launch the game my gpu turns off,resets a couple of times and it turns back on, MSI afterburner shows about 36-39 C on boot, some steady youtube watching it shows 45-47 C, when i originaly started playing with the card i could run PD2 normally on medium-high graphics. But the previously mentioned issue has appeared. I assum the max temp for the gpu is 50C as MSI shows 49-50 before the gpu turns off. I run an older pc Core 2 Duo E8400,4gb of ddr3 ram, and an asrock G41MH/USB3 the psu is 700w. I replaced the cards thermal paste with some Arctic MX-4 2019 edition. These problems werent appearing when i first started gaming. I also have a 1336 x 768 display (same as before the issues started appearing)
  10. tis from a legit store, the problem is i cant even access the discs files.
  11. it is for pc as it has the PC mark on the packaging
  12. No, there are 2 cds two papers one is ratings etc. and the other one is just an ad.