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  1. Thanks i would have bought that one you wouldnt have helped me
  2. how can i see the difference between desktop memories and laptop memories?
  3. Sorry for the romanian site https://www.emag.ro/memorie-crucial-ballistix-sport-lt-gray-8gb-ddr4-2400mhz-cl16-1-2v-bls8g4d240fsb/pd/DXM9BYBBM/?X-Search-Id=03c39b4d1b890d624e6b&X-Product-Id=864221&X-Search-Page=1&X-Search-Position=5&X-Section=search&X-MB=0&X-Search-Action=view Thanks In Advance.
  4. thanks for responding i have 8 gb ram on my laptop and i wanna put 8 gb more so it will be 16 gb ram
  5. sorry for the romanian site and thanks in advance https://www.emag.ro/memorie-corsair-vengeance-lpx-8gb-dimm-ddr4-2400-mhz-cl-16-1-2v-black-cmk8gx4m1a2400c16/pd/D6S862BBM/?X-Search-Id=efd91bc09c10efc39840&X-Product-Id=1275447&X-Search-Page=1&X-Search-Position=26&X-Section=search&X-MB=0&X-Search-Action=view