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  1. I've been constantly looking and switching for a distro to replace windows and yet i keep going back, i've used ubuntu, manjaro, and dabbled with mint. I like what manjaro offers and is but just cant get the dpi scaling to properly work/match the bliss that windows provides when it comes to screen scaling. I'm running a lenovo yoga 2 pro i7 model which has a "quad hd" display whcih i understand to be 2k resolution. This screen has plaged me from switching and running basic programs without messing with resolution settings. My question is what is the best distro that makes hidpi screens bearable, doesnt has a weird trackpad accelerated snap on effect, and in general is simple and light to use -Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the advice and help, i got it to work. For some reason every program i tried to make to bootable usb failed to do it properly only when i got the latest rufus version and imaged it in dd mode did it work. thanks again for the help!
  3. Im trying to run it off of a laptop and it does that when i try to run the liveusb, i select the usb as the boot device and then the grub thing happens, im running a lenovo yoga 2 pro with an i7 and 8gb of ram
  4. Hi, i previously had installed ubuntu as a dual boot with windows 10 on my lenovo yoga 2 pro (i7, 8gb ram, 256gb ssd). But i eventually decided to get rid of it after some file issues and just not being happy/interested in the distro. So i booted into windows deleted the linux partitions and changed the boot sequence, but i think my genius (sarcasm) ass took the stupid way out as the Ubuntu option is still in the boot menu when i went to change the boot sequence and when i go to boot from a usb. Now when i try to boot manjaro from a bootable usb it says "error: unknown file system, entering rescue disk..., grub rescue>" which i also read up on and comes up like this as an issue when uninstalling an os when dual booting it with windows 10. NOW the question is does anyone know a way to fix the grub bootloader to allow it to boot a usb/ know a way to completely remove the grub loader option so it doesn't show up on the boot menu which is what i think i need to do so that it can boot live manjaro usb again. (i also already tried doing "ls, ls (hd0)/" to find the partition with linux but since the partitions are deleted it doesn't work and i have no clue where grub is sitting, also i tried resetting the mbr in cmd and that did not work as well) Sorry for the long backstory but i figured it was needed to understand tldr: to uninstall a dual boot with ubuntu i just deleted the partitions, now ubuntu is still an option on my boot menu and when i try to run a bootable linux usb it says unknown filesystem, please help thanks