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  1. At first I was appalled to the icons but they started to grow on me. I do like the brightness of them but wish they had a bit more depth to them.
  2. Tablets for sure. I don't really have a use for them. I would much rather get a laptop just to have the more horsepower (usually) and the physical keyboard.
  3. Wow. Not only am I surprised that you found this, but also that Gigabyte hid this. Good job!
  4. My friend called me in a panic because her internet "didn't work" and she had to take a test that night. I calmed her down and she explained when she opened Internet Explorer *eye roll*, it said her proxy configuration was incorrect. I asked her if she changed that and she firmly said she didn't. I walked her through to resetting it to the default configuration. I still wonder how she messed it up.
  5. I feel like my preference changes quite a lot based on many different factors. Right now I think it would have to be Asus.
  6. I love the resolution on the phone! Pack the pixels!