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    i7 4770
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    Asus Maximus Hero IV
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    Gigabyte 780 Windforce SLI
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    Rosewill Blackhawk
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    Samsung 850 Pro 1TB
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  1. If it gets better it will find a use. I've seen wedding photography company have a room in back full of photoshoppers working to replace grey smoggy skies with clear blue and fluffy clouds from a stock photo library.
  2. Does the SEC look into this as stock price manipulation? If Elon had been tweeting about closing stores they would have. Loosing that much cash due to stock price below a threshold... great setup for a conspiracy.
  3. Well they're just trying to get their stock prices up to meet their bond requirements or something. Makes me wonder if that has anything to do with tweeting about foreign investment a while back too.
  4. dtaflorida

    YouTube bans comments on all videos of children

    Unless you're an advertiser with money.
  5. dtaflorida

    YouTube bans comments on all videos of children

    I actually like this news. I'd love to see this expanded to all videos. They could turn off comments on all videos and for me nothing will have been lost. I would like it if the video's description was always expanded too with the absence of comments to display they've got no reason to collapse that section, it's more useful to me than the comments. Thumbs up, thumbs down, subscribe. Could lead to more 'reaction' videos to replace commenting tho.
  6. dtaflorida

    Boeing develops Skynet fighter jet

    Shouldn't be too hard to arm this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i00thtWgvDs
  7. dtaflorida

    Hackers show Android running on Nintendo Switch

    That already happened... Hell their last tablet release wasn't really even an update to a year old device.
  8. Doesn't sound like it will do anything about fake reviews. Fake supplements maybe.
  9. dtaflorida

    VEGA 56 New 279$ MSRP to combat 1660 Ti (250GBP & 285EUR)

    Price wars are sweet.
  10. dtaflorida

    Huawei and ZTE Ban

    So i saw on Tomshardware that Trump is going to ban Huawei and ZTE even more, now affecting private companies... The first ban only affected government, but now that it's gonna affect the private sector, what does that mean for me as an average Joe Consumer? Does it just mean AT&T can't sell Huawei and ZTE handsets or package them with a cheap plan? Or do consumers that already have Huawei phones get screwed?
  11. dtaflorida

    what do people use large amounts of phone storage for?

    I've replaced 'just audio' music with music videos. Mostly downloaded from youtube in mp4 format. When imported to itunes I change their properties to be music videos. Can chose to watch them or just listen to them as regular music. Also I use my phone camera a lot for videos and photos (kids and pets have no time to wait for DSLR!).
  12. dtaflorida

    Why did you buy an Android phone?

    Why not? I own both android and apple devices, and use 2 phones daily and 3 tablets on and off.
  13. dtaflorida

    Apple Sued After Magsafe Adapter Lights Owner On Fire

    Protect the whole cable, make it the Magsafe Charging Stick.
  14. dtaflorida

    Self Driving Car LIDAR Damages $2000 Camera at CES

    I'm amazed only one photographer was affected. Being CES I wouldn've expected more than 100.