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  1. I use MPOW H5 headphones (Normal price $49.99 on Amazon but currently a coupon for $10 off) and I'm pretty satisfied with them. The noise cancelling is decent and they are wireless.
  2. People always say to not send private information over public WiFi, but I thought that others couldn’t see what you were doing if the website you were using was encrypted. Since most websites that handle private information are encrypted, why do people always say to not send private information over public WiFi?
  3. I pay for 100 down and 10 up. This is the only ISP in my area that has download speeds over 10 mbps. They know this and constantly raise the bill, when you call they tell you it is the best Internet in the area and will only slightly lower the price, and that's only if you threaten to cancel. I hate that they have a monopoly in my area but no other provider will build out a faster network.
  4. I experience power outages about once a month or once every other month. They are usually short but the reason I want the battery backup is because I recently had a 3 day power outage and had no home phone that entire time. I could use my cell phone but it eventually runs out of power and charging it in the car is really annoying to have to do. It would also be nice to have Internet during power outages.
  5. I am looking for a battery backup for my cable modem because my home phone is routed through there and if the power goes out, it goes out as well. What kind of battery backup would you guys recommend for a cable modem?
  6. I am moving into a big city soon and the cable TV options are all really expensive. I am considering buying an over the air antenna and only getting local channels because that is all I really want anyway. I am considering an indoor antenna that I could put on my window. An outdoor antenna isn't really an option because I will live in an apartment building. However, the city I am moving into, New York, has a TON of tall buildings all around the city and I was wondering if an antenna would even work or work well. Would tall buildings around your house affect the antenna reception drastically or would it be fine?
  7. I was looking for a phone under $50 but I am not really sure if that is too much to ask.
  8. I was trying to find an unlocked basic/feature phone that was cheap and supported 3G or LTE. I could not find any that were cheap but met my requirements so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope that you can help.
  9. Thanks so much for your help. I ordered a powerline adapter and hope it helps.
  10. Hello all, I just got a new PC, but my router on a different floor and my computer is obstructed by a bunch of walls from it. I tried using Wi-Fi but it is slow (almost unusable) and the ping is very high which is very bad for me because I do a lot of gaming. What do you guys think would be the best solution to this problem? I have been thinking of running an Ethernet cable from my router to my PC but that would be hard to do since the PC is on a separate floor. I was also looking into a mesh Wi-Fi system but those are expensive and I am not sure if those would even work to solve this problem. Thanks for listening and I hope you can come up with a better plan than me.
  11. I just got a prebuilt PC (I don't know much about building) and was wondering what the difference was between the USB ports on top of the case, near the power button, and the USB ports on the back, in the I/O shield connected to the motherboard. Are they the same or should I only use one or the other?
  12. I am getting into PC gaming and was wondering if it was safe to plug my gaming desktop (with a 650W PSU) and my gaming monitor into a surge protector. Would it draw too much power or would it be fine? I am looking to protect my desktop and monitor from power surges.