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  • CPU
    Core I5 2500k (stock)
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z77X-D3H
  • RAM
    16GB Ripjaws X
  • GPU
    GTX 670 (stock)
  • Case
    Thermaltake element S
  • Storage
    1TB HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair GS600
  • Display(s)
    ASUS VG248QE, Hanns G HH221
  • Cooling
    Corsair H80, all else stock
  • Keyboard
    One that came with my windows 98 PC
  • Mouse
    Logitech G700s
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    Windows 7 (But I wish I could be on Linux)

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  1. I got my PC with 2x8GB of Ripjawz4 DDR4 in early 2017, and have felt like adding an extra 2x16GB for the sake of running Minecraft modpacks and Space Engineers servers more comfortably, and for blender. The mobo (Gigabyte z170-hd3) has enough dimm slots, but I have heard of modules not playing nice for one reason or another. The most compatible 2x16 modules I could find were the Corsair Vengeance LPX, which run at the same 3GHz speed as my Ripjawz and have the same 15-15-15 timings, with the last timing being 36 for my Ripjawz but 35 for the Corsairs. Both sets seem to run at 1.35v standard. Could this cause issues? If it does, are they usually resolvable in the BIOS? This may seem like an overdone question but uncertainties remain. I could get some RipjawzVs which run at exactly the same freq, timing and voltage and are from the same brand, but they are about £30 more expensive where I am. Thanks for the help!
  2. I'm noticing something strange now... I turned the screen on just now (being left off and cold while I slept) and the glow is... basically gone. I think it could be something that gets worse with heat??
  3. I've contacted ASUS. Hopefully I get a response tomorrow. Can you post a picture of yours displaying a black screen for me to compare please? I did use a 13 second exposure with my DSLR so it would be clean-looking in mine.
  4. I've had my VG248QE for about 5 years now, and it's been great for gaming (coming from a time when IPS panels were all locked to 60Hz), but with OLED and competing non-backlit display tech seeming as far away as ever I decided to go for a modern IPS panel instead for my upgrade. With both my new PG279Q now sat next to the old VG248QE, the difference is absolutely STUNNING. Reds and greens are so vastly improved, the contrast radio is almost twice as high, the white balance looks so natural out of the box. And it still runs at 144Hz! The only down side is the backlight bleed in the corners which I read is part and parcel to IPS displays. Which leads to my question: In certain corners, like the top left (coming right from left frame) and the top right (coming down from top frame) the backlight is bleeding through relatively faintly but enough to notice when even relatively dark colours are present. This is viaible at all angles unlike the expected IPS bleed. I have heard that some PG279Qs have backlight issues, but I thought they were to do with variability of basic bleed (i.e. uniform but varying brightness) and this seems very localised. Is this something that could get worse, or I should get a return for? I took a 13-second exposure with the lights turned off to show the backlight bleed in an extreme form: The bleed on the left is very clear, but the bleed on the top right isn't so visible. Hard to tell what's natural or not here. I'd hate to have to return it, but if there is something wrong I'll probably have to. Cheers!
  5. I don't like the idea of a company attempting to strong-arm me to use their product. A product which until very recently had huge and glaring security issues (As a result, how can I trust them going forward when security is clearly not even close to being their top priority??), and lacks so many of the features I take for granted. On top of that, I'm a Linux gamer. EGS does not support Linux at all desipite selling games that have Linux support on Steam. The old Borderlands games all have native Linux versions so EGS buying out Borderlands 3 basically takes a game away from me entirely (of course a Linux port was never confirmed, but easy to see as a distinct possibility otherwise). Meanwhile Steam not only provides toolkits and environments for Linux games, but a full-blown compatability layer built into the Steam client that runs Windows games on Linux like native games. Yeah, I got good reasons to dislike EGS at the moment.
  6. Also, Valve has to spend a lot more money keeping servers up I'd imagine. I think it's fair to say that Steam has a considerably larger player-base than EGS (More steam users each month than PS4+Xbones sold, to put it in perspective) as well as vastly more services for consumers and developers.
  7. I have been doing more photo editing recently, which is usually for my astronomical photos. Because my current gaming-oriented (6-bit dithered to 8-bit colour eugh) TN panel is producing very different outputs to the printer (my home printer and the professional shop's printer) I am seriously considering an upgrade, among other reasons. I'd probably say I got a budget around 400GBP could go higher for an exceptional monitor. 4K would be ideal but 1440p is also fine. Would like to avoid 1080p though because my camera takes very large images (6000x4000). I will use it for gaming, but not stupid fast pace (racing sims and factorio mostly) 120hz or higher is basically a requirement as my current monitor has spoiled me though. As far as backlight bleed is concerned, I can cope with some, but ideally it should be even (I am dealing with space photos, so uneven backlight could prove annoying). I was hoping to wait for OLED, but that's not come anywhere for monitors in the last 3 years as far as I can see and my patience is wearing for that tech. Dunno if that's a feasible list of ideals, but hopefully you guys can point me to something worthwhile Thanks for the help in advance!
  8. Biggest problem with Nvidia's 3D tech was they explicitly disabled it for any program using OpenGL, because then you'd have no reason to buy a Quadro card for stereoscopic CAD! This meant a surprising number of games just wouldn't work in 3D, even if it were technically possible. I enjoyed a few games with it. Trine 2, Euro Truck Sim 2, Dawn of War, Crysis, even Sonic Generations (that got a bit trippy mind). I think it was a pretty good forerunner to the VR headsets we have today, though both techs have "fidelity" problems... And comfort problems for people who already wear glasses. For the last few years though... My 3D vision glasses have been gathering dust on top of my cupboards.
  9. Well if you divide my year pass by 12, and convert the currency to USD (I presume that's what you mean by $) it comes out at $70 per month. Again, that's student prices. The normal adult year pass was a couple hundred more.
  10. I remember learning to play "Wet hands" on the piano. Wouldn't know how to play it now at all but it's still such a nostalgic tune for me
  11. Well, I've only booted Windows a handful of times since feb 2017, and that was because I'd played Mass Effect 1 and 2 on Linux but 3 wouldn't work because of EA's always-online DRM. Now considering that Valve's Proton is a thing it becomes less and less likely that I'll ever have to boot into Windows again. Also, you may be surprised to learn that 50%+ of Steam's entire game library work with gold+ rating on Linux. That's one-click to launch with minimal, no, or easily resolved issues. As Proton develops that number is going to go up. Expect a big jump when they get dotnet stuff working.
  12. Sadly, my city has one of the worst public transport in the country. A year ticket (at student prices) is £630, which only covers one bus company and even the best bus routes are only once every 10 minutes, some are one every 20, or 40 or even hour. After a couple of years the car becomes cheaper as insurance goes down with experience and age, it's just starting out that's expensive... March 29th is "Brexit day"
  13. Hate to break it to ya Chrome is not open source, Chromium is. Also Firefox is not slow any more. Hasn't been since late 2017 and it's been improving since. Massive backend redesign.
  14. Wonder if there could be an LTT Minecraft server? Official or unofficial. Might be fun. I'd join.
  15. I joined a bit later, after seeing 1.1 update being talked about in a PC gaming / hardware magazine. I remember being on a server for a few months and annoying the admin by informing him that 1.2.3 had come out like 3 days after 1.2.2