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    PixelPol reacted to markr54632 in What companies are good now days   
    It may be worth the drive.
    If your stores are like ours, then it's either drive to microcenter, or settle for one of the 3 or 4 hp models walmart carries, or one of the 1-2 models bestbuy carries outside of the ridiculous alienware model they keep in stock.
    Prebuilts are pretty hard to find in store around here.
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    PixelPol reacted to duncannah in Can't start windows   
    Boot into the installer and repair
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    PixelPol reacted to Franck in Best program for designing a PC case?   
    You need CAD software to do the job well. Simply use AutoDesk Fusion 360. Free for hobbyist and also include tools to export to 3d printer or laser cutters.
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    PixelPol got a reaction from Kitsan in Best program for designing a PC case?   
    I'd surely be perfectly able to do this in Wings3D. You need alignment tools, surely. And probably would benefit from "snapping to" objects, faces or vertices.
    Blender is perfectly capable, but I like a ton more wings for raw modeling, is just preferences (I do everything else in Blender, though, from texturing, to rendering, to animating, exporting, etc).
    Problem is: To learn Wings3D or Blender to a point you can do that safely and easily , might take you quite a long while, imo. Probably months, to say the least.
    Another one was SketchUp from Google, but I believe it's gone full commercial or sth, recently...
    None of these are CAD apps. There are quite some FREE CAD apps, but good ones, I'm told only a few (I'm an expert in 3D, but as a generalist, not CAD...Yet tho, what you are probably wanting to do is very much doable with Wings/Blender)
    Part of what I work on is doing gigs for 3D printing, and a very key thing is work with the exact real world scale and measures. In this, Blender is extremely complete. Specially now that its 3D print addon improved a lot, and now you can even use it as a checker to validate the scene for 3D print, and so be pretty sure any commercial checker will see it as valid for most online services like shapeways, i.materialse, etc.
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    PixelPol reacted to xxEMOxx in will ryzen 3 cpus work on x470 mobos?   
    If you are using it professionally and the render time differences make that much of a savings to your bottomline step up to the processor in which you think will help you the best, I was merely providing advice as to what I thought the best bang for money spent would be until the newer Zen 2 3000 series are released.
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    PixelPol reacted to Crunchy Dragon in Which is the best antivirus program for gaming pc?   
    I use Windows Defender and common sense, personally.
    Beyond that, Malwarebytes is usually a good option.
    -Moved to Programs, Apps, and Websites-
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    PixelPol reacted to LogicalDrm in Video editing softwares   
    I've tried both Resolve and Hitfilm. Hitfilm doesn't work with my resolution/zoom combo anymore. When it did I deemed it as Avast! of video editors. Too much ads and messy UI for the price of free.
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    PixelPol reacted to Max_Settings in Video editing softwares   
    Blakmagic Davinci Resolve
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    PixelPol reacted to LogicalDrm in 50$/€ video editing software   
    Well, Resolve is just limited edition of the actual, studio/professional grade product. This blog outlines where the limits are https://flavioggarcia.com/2018/04/24/davinci-resolve-free-version-limitations/
    But hey, the other recommended software is just $20 on sale, so not that big hit if it isn't up to your needs. I'm personally bit iffy with cheap video editors because bad experience with one in past (AVS Suite... DON'T BUY IT).
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    PixelPol reacted to LogicalDrm in 50$/€ video editing software   
    Why don't you try and see it yourself? Resolve is free. Learning it won't take that long and using it will be very similar to other better softwares.
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    PixelPol reacted to AaronsDev in 50$/€ video editing software   
    I recommended using Davinci Resolve 15 Beta as it's a powerful video editing software that's also free. I used it for a while and I enjoyed it. You could also use Hitfilm which you can get for free however, it crashes a lot for me. Hope this helped, Aaron
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    PixelPol reacted to myselfolli in Malware, HELP !!!   
    If in doubt: Install Malwarebytes and scan your PC
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    PixelPol reacted to NinJake in Starting over career, is tech a good place to start over in your mid 30's   
    It doesn't necessarily have to be tech to get a nice job. Whatever you are passionate about, and are willing to learn and take the extra step to go further will be your best bet. Also remember, that sometimes being passionate about something and then working on that passion every day can make it less enjoyable in your free time.
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    PixelPol reacted to ki8aras in will ryzen 3 cpus work on x470 mobos?   
    its all in the title :))
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    PixelPol reacted to aisle9 in will ryzen 3 cpus work on x470 mobos?   
    This was my immediate reaction as well.
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    PixelPol reacted to ch3w2oy in will ryzen 3 cpus work on x470 mobos?   
    If you get a decent board now you wont have much to worry about. Even though B450 came out after X470, doesn't mean anything. Those are budget boards. X470 offers the best/most features for the Ryzen platform. The only thing that will limit the performance on Zen 2 is thermal throttling or crappy VRMs. A good B450 or X470 should hold up just fine, even with higher core count processors because going to 7nm lithography will reduce power consumption (heat output) as well.
    I would just get a 2600 for now over a 1700 or 1700X, it's little newer and a little faster and should be around the same price, it just lacks 2 extra cores. Get whatever you want, though, if it's only a placeholder. A 2600 will probably be easier to resell, though, so keep that in mind.
    These are boards I would personally use and should hold well for an upgrade to Zen 2...
    MSI Pro Carbon
    MSI Tomahawk
    MSI Mortar
    MSI Pro Carbon
    Asus Prime Pro
    Asus Strix
    Asus Crosshair VII
    Gigabyte Gaming 7
    Asrock Taichi
    Asrock Fatal1ty Gaming K4
    Asrock Master SLI
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    PixelPol reacted to xxEMOxx in will ryzen 3 cpus work on x470 mobos?   
    So i am running the Asrock B450M Pro4 on a 2600 for myself and its plenty, and hopefully since i got the chip when amazon had them for $150 on sale I should be able hopefully to upgrade to the Zen 2 architecture come July ( fingers crossed AMD isnt like Rockstar lol )  but for the price I dont mind paying once for a chip ill replace in 5 months or so.  Now if you want to run a 2700 or 2700x, then I would reconsider the want to replace it with a 3000 series unless you absolutely have to or the profit potential from work offsets the expense, as it seems counterinuitive to to buy a near flagship level chip only to swap it out in 5-6 months.
    Even a 2600 or 2600x would atm be a huge jump forward on the multicore workstation level compared to your gen 1 i7.