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  1. In BL yup, is mostly him....


    But that old woman (actually not that old), forgot already her name, lol... the "cleaner".... a very strong character.


  2. On 3/1/2019 at 11:42 PM, Kaita said:

    Atm my only goal for 2019 is getting my body in shape. I weigh around 50-ishkg and when I look at my body in the mirror I be like "ew. too scrawny". But then again... I lack the motivation to do so and the fact that I'm working hard to maintain my high grades doesn't help either. I also have this "I'm scared people will laugh at me at the gym" kinda mentality. One of my friends tried to push me into it but my stubbornness got in the way. 

    Trust me, whoever laughs for sure has a waaay worse set of problems himself/herself. Feel very very sorry, but I mean, sincerely feel so, for whoever laughs (or insults, looks at other people with superiority, etc) at anyone's shape in a gym...As I can tell you: They are empty, surely way more frustrated than the heaviest or the thinnest guy in the gym.  Been to quite some gyms (and football, basketball teams, swimming competition, etc). Plus, looking thinner or fatter being "worse", aesthetically, is just a social construct that has been changing drastically through all human history. Is just all about being healthier, and also, being strong, flexible and with energy  is quite an advantage for normal life, ie, for carrying stuff from the shop, catching a bus, ending the day less "destroyed", not having back/neck pain, etc...... I wouldn't leave aside being healthy just because you can't be boxed and labeled as easily as them (the one / if any/ laughing), which, btw, in the long run, not such a great thing. Studying in the other side, yep, that's reasonable. Still, with " a bit" of exercise (not to get obsessed, fine if doing 3 times a week, or heck, even 2 for first months)  helps in getting focused, energized, the brain sharper... 


  3. 15 hours ago, tavares1 said:

    I believe so. But the fastest now are the gpu based renderers but they are limited because of graphics card memory. Only now with the rtx 2080 you can stack memory between cards. So hopefully it will be stable soon for renders. I think one day I'll go for blender but because I do architecture, I need some specific plugins and models that only exist for 3ds max.

    I've been a maxer (yet I am , in heart) in every job I've had (except now as a freelancer). Dunno, but in my local area (and I mean, city) is always about Max (handled Maya and XSI occasionally, and I love 'em), in games, specially as the biggest thing I can find around here is Unity / Unreal engine based companies making casual or...even indy games (but paying a salary, insurance, not bad stuff). Back between 2000 - 2006 it was mostly that the engines were made in-house (C++), except physics effects. That is, I've mostly dealt 3D for games, not cad. For the casuals/indies, Blender would do, but they have all their work pipelines with Unity. As a freelancer, the 3D printing gigs (specially using the 3D printing "addon") and the render related projects with Blender Cycles (it got quite "pro", already!), Blender at zero cost is a no-brainer, if u can fight the UI (seems finally less of an issue with the incoming 2.8, beta available).


    Keeping in touch with Max and Maya (and Zbrush, in my field) is a total must, tho. I've been stupid enough to not keep downloading a 30 days trial with each release, and/or check vids of new features, just to keep up to date with latest improvements, and that might have costed me loosing a few great job offers (saying "I handled it a lot professionally till 2006/2007" doesn't mean a thing (it should!), for many). Freelancing gives me the freedom to become selective, tho ( I only send CVs to companies I really like, and sadly, not many companies like LTT around here, if any).

    Yeah, then is mostly like in Blender Cycles. You can GPU render, but a ton of scenes wont fit into even 8 GB of VRAM, those usually will give a memory error. Same case as when I digital paint with Rebelle 3, Paintstorm Studio or any other GPU based digital painter. Yeah, AMAZING performance and effects for SMALL canvases. But in frequent gigs of 30k pixels tall canvases, you try that, and most of those apps have even a hard software limit for that in canvas size. (the iPad pro has a similar issue, u can't do a larger than 16k x 16k canvas -typically- in Procreate, one of the best digital painting apps..... :/   )


    This is why I yet much, much favor CPU for work (ie, a 2700x , 3700x or 9900k, are ideal) instead of GPU. I'm 100% in favor of a GREAT CPU and an average-low GPU, fits my work greatly. IE, In Blender and most 3D apps, all the particles and other simulations are calculated in CPU. So, you're bottle necked anyway in your work there, which you do interactively, there's the "pain". While, a render... heck, I can even set a second machine to render, or rent a farm (I hate renting in all of its forms of existence, so I prefer to set some cheapo linux machines for that, arrived the need...)


    But really, I don't have strong preferences. Corona, Vray, Final Render, Keyshot, Arnold, Blender... like in OSes, Linux or Windows. Whatever gets the job done and fits the project needs is good for me. Or if I'm set in a job with whatever the app they use. Anything in the market, competing with the big names is gonna be good, imo...

  4. 14 hours ago, dizmo said:

    You only applied to 5 places? Oh boy. Don't get down if you've only applied to that many. Do you know how many applications I filled out to get my current job? Probably well over 50. I have friends that will literally apply to over 200 positions before they get one that they land

    I remember back in '97 sending exactly 105 applications (by snail mail, written with an old typewriter, lol) , and quite complete ones (with quite some big CV, many courses already, etc, got only 3 replies ! Very polite ones, tho). No portfolio urls in the presentation letter, as there was no inet around yet. It was for working as a teacher, and in most private schools around it is/was mostly word of mouth, besides, me just not having professional teaching experience, yet (they often pick people expert in a particular subject if like me had  at least some teaching internships  made, and courses). In other occasions, even right now with a lot of experience and profiles (sadly, I'm no coder, a only bit of a web coder but full exp in graphics) I'd consider it EXTREMELY lucky, * in my area * , to land in a decent job with only 5 applications... Of course, I live in a IT deserted area, so there's very few jobs for a ton of people. And badly paid, outdated tech, etc, etc. Maybe that's not a bad perspective to have, as then, everything in better areas looks amazing, haha.

    One other time which was almost as exhausting, but in a way a bit worse, was while trying to place my oil pictures at some shops and galleries. That was freakin' impossible. The only thing compensating the results (and walking carrying a lot of weight, all those big oil pictures) was that almost every shop owner or gallery manager would tell me they had a middle man/company and they could not fail them or work anything out of their established channel. Dunno how is it now, the world has changed immensely with internet... The other nice detail is, dunno if being sincere or polite, they'd all say they'd liked the pictures,  :s . I don't know, but hearing that same story about the middle man like 7 times in same morning discouraged me more than the 105 applications sent without any reply to make an interview. I guess where you put all the heart, your passion,  it makes this path quite harder. I've learnt working at a bunch of places to put a distance and disconnect self esteem (I don't mean to have no self esteem, just disconnect it from the procedure, as there's too many factors) from ANYTHING of that process, not only rejections.... Is insane to proceed differently...

  5. You're welcome ! The other day it helped me solve a critical issue with an application than has some sort of bug.... As using a different combo, I could overcome the problem... and the issue has been there for a year or more, being also an app that is critical for my workflow (my freelance work)... I just hadn't realized -despite the many months of use- that I could use it too to solve this, with this free utility.  I mean, it is indeed more useful than I thought, even while I was already very familiar with it. Is like good films, good books or good meals... several layers of flavors...  ;)  

  6. Freelancing doing 2D/3D, illustration,graphic design(web & print), comics, web code. In the past, worked as a game artist at companies, as well as graphic designer and a bit of everything (even tech support of some sort...) in other type of places (in quite a bunch in total....). Mostly a (whatever) graphic making old fart that can web code a bit. (studying also to improve in that coding part...)

  7. Corona faster than Vray ?  ?  frankly, didn't know that. I thought VRay was the fastest available... I stopped using Max back in 2006 (last game job at a company) , and then it was mostly Brazil, Vray and Final Render. (Since long, am using Blender Cycles.... ). I remember having my preference on Final Render.

  8. 22 hours ago, dalekphalm said:

    and communicated at least via video chat - ideally, (but not strictly required

    I know a thing or two about this type of things.  I'd say a video chat would be required, for other reasons, not just trust. Even just a friend can "sound" strongly different from a well thought mail than once meeting the individual in person. I've had extremely successful friendships (colleagues of my profession, etc) with ppl I knew online-only initially, 'cause I went the extra mile and generated some common events, to meet these other pros, etc. In some case I'd even have that sort of online crush for a woman, but definitely only with the idea of knowing her in person ASAP, or if not, leave it be. The times I didn't do so, it can end up as disaster pretty easily ( and I only mean women I'd have skyped / voice chatted with, other thing is out of question).


    22 hours ago, dalekphalm said:

    if you haven't spoken on the phone and/or over video, you're not really in a proper relationship.

    it's incredible that we're even debating it, but, IMO, one is neither if have not ever met her/him in person, and I know this not because am older than the average here. I'm as geeky as the most, but simply, human beings don't work like that.... Specially in the long term. If have never even touched or kissed her, or even just had a face to face conversation...sorry, you can't speak about having a girlfriend, is a mind construct. We've all had platonic moments, so, not judging. It's even a person you know during a year having physical relations and all sort of interactions, to discover "things" are not like you thought after one year. It involves a ton more than some carefully put words into an plain text file.


    22 hours ago, TetraSky said:

    Online long distance relationships never work if both parties are not committed to it.


    I've had one very case that would have worked. I had known her first in my country, in person. Then, tried to maintain/keep the relation online till next travel possibility, and definitely not easy. Heck, it was even my sister with her several years boyfriend relationship, and the relation did not resist one year of being at a distance, even with an everyday hour of skype video chat. There's a ton of issues (obstacles, concerns, etc) before reaching to the following consideration : Even in the very best, ideal case scenario, people would end up meeting with someone local, and end of story.


    Don't stick to these kind of relations, get out and know people locally, not just for relationships (as it all come together). And imo, do it ASAP....

    These things are often just that the other part wants money, even if it's a progressive and slow plan (so, first they might build a drama around it to involve you emotionally), or just has some mental disorder, and finds emotional compensation with someone due to being incapable of more normal relations ( and in that case u don't do her/him any favor by playing her/his game), so he/she/them uses you for that. There's people also that likes to play this drama-filled stories just for not being mentally balanced. And they can go on and on with that for years. In most cases, there's planned some sort of money related stuff. Careful.


    And don't get me wrong: I have tons of friends I've only chatted with (voice chat, video chat, or only mails) by inet. But need to set some limits. Very personal stuff, disconnect it from internet. Work, friendship, etc, yeah, why not. I've been a remote staff worker for two great years, and currently a full time freelancer, know people from many parts of the world, and more than clients, are friends. But sentimental relationships, ... Nope, I wouldn't bet for that. (and we could say here that sentence of "thank us later").


    It is curious that we're wary of fully blind dates (and not even tinder is as bad as a blind date) , I've done 2 in my life, and man, they went really wrong (yet tho, I know stories that went really well, as, after all, they get to really know the person in RL )... Still, stuff as fishy like this, and people fall for it. And not judging, I've fallen for very idiotic things (not exactly this), but that's how you learn, too.  As I said, be careful.

  9. Pixel Polygon, actually. I'm a pixel pusher (pixel artist old school), 2D/3D game artist, graphic designer web and print, 3D modeler. Kind of Jack of all trades for making graphics (and actually dumping some html and css as part of the work). A bit why in YT I have the nickname of 3polygons, in reference to my old jobs as a 3D modeler/animator. Gotta add some pic for the avatar, I just landed here, lol.

  10. Mostly I REALLY prioritize things that can produce more income. That is almost a MUST-DO. It is just that I do not believe things need so much money for getting that income (also, my grand father used to say : "You have two ways to earn money: One is having income with work or business, the other is... not stupidly wasting what you have" :D ) . But there are times when it is crucial, and it indeed multiplies by several factors your income. Actually a higher priority than that is... health. I think, from a practical POV, rarely can see better Justification than health. I put it at the same level than the money put to help your family, distant relatives or close friends (if you get sick, you wont be able to help that much!). For leisure and pleasure is where I see it more debatable. When I was a kid I'd have TONS of immense fun playing with some stones and a group of friends, or anything I'd build by hand. Today, I can spend hours with a pencil and paper, or a good book. And yet, the money in the bank gives me freedom for many ways of acting and decision taking in life. In a sense, the way I can say I mostly -or only- value money is in that it gives me freedom, and it sometimes allows me to help some people. That said, I love hardware, new tech, new devices... But I don't need to have everything, so to speak....

    Now, if it's a moment where bills are very well covered and I have nice savings (not the current case, had to put a lot of money in sth else, sigh) , if sth is a device or thing I use a lot, just not at the moment, but I am very certain I will do, in the NEAR (you know tech moves too fast)  future, then, any great pricing offer is to be taken, IF fits into sth I was going to buy later, anyway. I have purchased courses I have not yet started, and software I didn't fully needed, but those were great offers, and I will use them intensively at its moment. O because that's another super important reason : Education, in my case, actually updating my profiles, I have discovered just too late (did so once I hit 40 :D ) that courses, video tuts, learning material, is faster than my "hey am super smart, I can guess it all by my own" approach, LOL. Which is fairly doable, built all my profiles so, but is WAY slower. And u gotta be efficient with your time, so that you can improve faster and have more quality time with ur people.


    About research, as I DO purchase quite some tech related to my job... I do study almost in an obsessive way, at least for weeks, but more often months, so, at the moment of purchase, there's often a new model, but all the knowledge about the device helps to decide very fast about the new model. I guess am the opposite of an impulse buyer, lol ( I have that in me, quite, but I only allow impulse buying very small things).


    I'm seeing reviews, not only from Linus, also from that other guy that makes crazily massive benchmarks... (don't want to promote anyone here, lol) and... I don't know. Seems to be a good card, a bit too similar in performance compared to a 1070, and at a nice price.  Having the money, I feel a 2060 is ideal for me, also in that it doesn't get super crazy expensive, and seem to provide really good performance and modern features. One of the two seems a good fit for me. Till now, I was considering better a RX 570 despite the much lower performance, just for the great price/performance ratio, and having a low budget / low interest on games now (despite having been a hardcore FPS gamer in the past). My main worry bout cards now is its performance with graphic production apps. With this in mind, I feel CUDA cores is much a better bet, as is often better supported by the apps... Even while I like a lot more AMD brand than nVidia and Intel... But these two did never let me down, either, to be fair. I wonder if I should be going for a pro card (fire pro, etc), as those are WAY better for wires, I mean, for displaying and moving complex wireframe meshes in 3D and CAD.


    I think 1k USD full budget kind of leaves out any of the higher end cards... (my own incoming work (freelance) rig is gonna be around 500 bucks, so I'd better shut up, haha)

  12. 8 hours ago, ELECTRISK said:

    That couch has got them lips and it's got them hips I wanna feel the rest.

    There are sometimes that I wish English was my first language (but sooner or later I come to realize once again how much I love Spanish)... the heck if I understood any of that...  No offense, is just a lack I have....  ;) 

  13. Getting actually really interested, even if with a certain distance,  about the other individual you are interacting with, and this person's problems and circumstances solves a couple of key problems at a time... I was as shy as not being able to speak to any girl class mate during an entire year at the age of 15, and barely isolated words to any male friend (and mostly as they'd engage. Sometimes with bullying as was a reader, but responded well to that. I'd usually spend all the time drawing and reading books). And a large percentage of it was not just being shy, but having plainly no interest.  I was... kindda WAY selfish/narcissist.... I'm the absolute opposite right now (and old fart past his 45) 


    Faking interest can be fine in many situations, I still do that when at a job have to face a total idiot (happens to anyone), but imo, not good if using only this "trick".  Even a total idiot has a good side... Thinking (progressively) a bit more in the other person you are interacting with, putting your self in her/his shoes, goes a very long way. I don't think it can really be set apart from normal relations. If these work, professional networking will work as one relation type more, all shares the same root. And the benefits of this tactic go way, way farther than simply improving your professional network.


    The Expanse 

    Silicon valley 


    Mr Robot


    Long ago ended,....oldies but goodies :

    IT Crowd


    Parks and Recreation


    Closed, sadly :

    The Colony.



  15. XP-PEN 22E PRO. One of  the best alternatives versus a Wacom Cintiq, just for 570$ instead of like 1700, 2k $, etc. Is pretty amazing for the price, and has dropped like 300 bucks recently ! :O.  For no real reason, is perfectly fine. Just aggressive strategy. I guess, "could" be happening as (wild guess)  Wacom countered the unstoppable alternatives market recently with a (quite nice, just 16 is not a pro size) new 'non-pro'  Cintiq line, which is not pro just due to the size, as the other lacks are not show stoppers,, (or maybe they'll get stuck only in this 16" model) where their 16" has gone as low as 650$ (it's low for the brand). But you probably would need someone at LTT familiar at least (probably the designer) with graphics making and digital drawing/painting (ahem...yay...if only I'd live in Canada...). I have this one -mostly- as a planned purchase... at some point...

    Note: Any so called (while thinking about Cintiqs) "alternative" brand is probably pretty eager for whatever form of review. Could be an interesting talk. Even from slightly known channel owners, let alone something as big as LTT ! They tend to contact people (I've been contacted by other brands, and I don't even have a channel!) to make a review, people who can draw or paint or both, but surely they would see as amazing a review or just a mention from LTT. As a fast note, among the alternatives, XP-PEN and Huion could be the ones winning more terrain lately. I have a strong preference for XP-PEN, about the two, for technical reasons. Other strong one is Artisul.





  16. Have you dug the process and service list loaded at start time or running at any moment? Some installs or something can put those silently and hammer the performance pretty bad, pinging constantly, specially for continuos stuff like video rendering or 3D rendering. I keep that as clean as possible, to the maximum. Also, depending on your OS, but defragmenting every 10 days the HDD, if is one of those, might help a lot. At some point my swapping memory config got screwed big time, after some hard crash was set to no temp memory. Somehow I get sometimes a change to better performance by just changing the swap memory config from fixed amount, to managed by the OS, to fixed number again, dunno exactly why, and then defragging. Sometimes is a driver gone wrong, or even some hardware failure... (in more rare cases if are a pro user, a malware....but this is related to the TSR stuff I mentioned earlier) . Ehm, just some random ideas.