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  1. So i came back home after 18 days and when i decided to play some games, monitor says no signal, i have tried on 2 different monitor, but on tv it works. What causes that? (Msi rx 480) Shht, sorry for posting it in Windows... Forgot to change..
  2. So i got black screen few times, i wasn't even playing intense games and after some time fans started to spin af, i so decided to check temps, and saw that temps were 64°c and clock speed was on max(1244mhz), also i wasn't doing anything intense, just playing growtopia(2d game), after i restart pc it goes back to normal. Its powercolor rx 570 4gb
  3. Now I'm trying with other game, so on max avg 60fps and 200+ fps on low..
  4. So I decided to play some GTA 5 after long time not playing and I saw that my fps are really low, I was getting about 70fps avg on max settings with same pc, now I get 40fps avg on all settings, idk what happened, I didn't do any upgrades.... System: 2200g 8gb ram 2666mhz Rx 570 4gb 500w psu Also no overheating
  5. I'm not that guy who uses all space 240gb is really enough
  6. I need cheap SSD for os and maybe few other things, I know it will be not that great,( also I have WD Blue 1TB HDD)
  7. Well, I only need to keep OS and some other things in it so idk
  8. So my became slow today and it was like half dead, I was able to do some things but they freezed or never loaded even tried to restart it but it kept showing that spinning thing, I just restarted it with button.... Also I can hear some weird sound from my HDD, are there any diagnostic tools to scan it? Also it's WD blue 1TB
  9. I just updated my Rx 570 drivers and got a bluescreen and now I'm stuck on attempting repairs screen I also made recovery points today, what should I do?
  10. Maybe could you check yours pc if it does that too?
  11. I just noticed that when I turn on my pc, GPU fans spin and then stop repeatedly until windows boots, is that normal?It still works.