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  1. They expressed that as a company or an organization that the customers ($$) are most important so keeping unrelated issues out of the sport or game is the right idea. I'm sure someone would have preferred Jesse Owens do that too during the Olympics. It was reprehensible and they rightly got called out for it. Sometimes the corporate dollar isn't the decider on what is right.
  2. You can also use the taskill command via a shortcut and stick one on every desktop you have for quick access. This has worked to kill everything, even totally unresponsive games/apps.
  3. After attending LTX I was interested in subscribing to a couple channels on floatplane but I was mistaken on the pricing. I think $5 is too much to ask for the content regardless of whether it's LTT or UFD etc.. 2 or 3 channels of tech videos, even with the exclusives, is a netflix subscription and with all respect to the creators they are not nearly equivalent. I'd subscribe at the $2-$3 level (and had actually, since cancelled), but not more than that. That's just my two cents and I understand the value proposition will be different for different people.
  4. sure, attending alone as my friend can't find a last minute saturday ticket. Where we meeting up :)?
  5. I'd also like to know about the backpack....
  6. Main PC on the right: i5 9600k @5ghz all cores Asus z370 Prime II-A 16GB 3000mhz DDR4 GTX 960 (previously 1070ti but sold that to save for 5700xt or 2070 super) 512GB Mx500 m.2 SSD ML 360 CPU cooler Meshify C Left PC: Ryzen 7 1700 MSI Mortar Arctic 16GB 3000mhz DDR4 512GB 2.5" SSD GTX 960 (had a couple, needs an upgrade) Corsair Air 240 case.
  7. So I initially purchased a BYOC ticket w / 2 day pass but I no longer have transport for my machine so I need to forgo that. Is there any way to split this off and either refund that portion or sell just the BYOC seat?
  8. I'll be heading over from Victoria solo. I'm debating just borrowing a gaming laptop for the BYOC so I can lug it around in a backpack when I don't want to play or trusting the people and leaving my machine unattended for a few hours. I'd love to meet up with some laid back folks just wandering around the different booths/events and maybe a pint of beer and dinner nearby. I'm 37 which I guess is old but I don't feel it :) Last tech related conference / expo I went to was CES in 2014 and PAX in 2005 :)