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  1. Your hard drive may not be formatted, I would right click on the start button, and go to disk management and see if the drive is unallocated. If the bold bar is black, then just right click it and do a quick format. Also make sure the SATA cables are seated properly.
  2. So I've been having some weird issues with my Wraith Prism cooler on my 2700x. I've included a video to show whats happening a little clearer (besides the crappy lighting in the video :P) It can't seem to keep a white color on the fan LED, It starts white and then slowly turns orange even when set to be only white. I also can't use color cycle or static mode on the ring LED or else it crashes the cooler master software (What happens at the end of the video where the RGB resets). It's connected to the motherboard over the USB header, not the RGB header, as you can't even use the ring RGB with that header. I have the latest update for the RGB software. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? Here's the aforementioned video:
  3. Wouldn't this technically be a 5v mod not a 7v mod? I just flipped around the 12v and 5v wires, but for the 7v mod you put the 5v where the 12v ground is to get the difference in voltage, iirc.
  4. You can also see if you can find some used components to save some money.
  5. Yeah it's the stupid kind, no PWM or anything. My power supply is the Corsair GS700.
  6. So I recently upgraded to Ryzen with an m-atx motherboard with only two fan headers, so I took the fan hub out of my old H440. The hub is powered by molex so all the fans run at 100%. I found an old molex fan splitter like this and I switched around the 12v and 5v on the output side of the molex that leads to the fan hub, so the hub now only gets 5V and the 12V leads to an empty 2 pin header. Now all the fans are running very quiet. I made a quick diagram in paint of what I did. Is this mod safe?
  7. I was getting some slowdowns and overall degraded responsiveness so I reinstalled windows and that seemed to have helped, so it must have been something else along the lines of a cluttered system. Thanks for the input, my wallet thanks you.
  8. I have a 240GB SSD for my boot drive and that's where the page file is.
  9. Recently I've become more and more dissatisfied with my 8GB of RAM in my system. Windows alone uses about 2GB without anything else running, and I usually like having a web browser open which can bring that up to anywhere between 30-50% memory usage depending on the amount of tabs i have open. I do a lot of "productivity" tasks, specifically game dev (Unity, Photoshop, Blender) and some occasional Linux VM's. It's not uncommon to see RAM use hit 90%. My specs are: i5 4690k @ 4.5GHz MSI Z97S Krait 8GB DDR3 GTX 1060 6GB The question is, should I hold out until I can get a new CPU, motherboard, and RAM, or just add 8 more gigs to my current setup? If I were to upgrade I would go for a Ryzen 2700X or either an i5 9600k or i7 8700 The problem is the devil's canyon CPU's aren't that bad, and I'm not sure it justifies a 400-600$ upgrade, especially how RAM prices are these days. Eager to hear your thoughts