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  1. I have a wireless headphones and it works great with my mac air from years ago and I'm trying to add bluetooth to my pc too. But when I look for any bluetooth dongles, people always say it's would have noticeable lag which is not my experience with my 5 years old mac air and bose headphones. Now I'm really hesitant to buy one. Apple's Bluetooth isn't any fancy than a regular dongle is it? Is there any recommendation? Are you using any good Bluetooth adapters?
  2. I just watched this video, it's from a year ago, I honestly never heard about it before. Is this real? Or just him making click bait content?
  3. I want to buy some LTT theme things to decorate my newly build pc, but there is no stickers from the merch store link below the video so I google it and find this redbubble website with LTT stickers. And the options were very limited. And also is there any LTT theme gpu backplates or something like that?
  4. I have amd radeon software and updating every time it notify me drivers should be the latest one
  5. Are you overclocking it?I mean with cpu and gpu you got it should not need to overclock your cpu in order to play at 1080p on pubg csgo etc. I mean that cooler is a complete overkill, amd stock cooler actually don't suck. and you could use that ridiculously expensive cooler money to upgrade your gpu. Get more storage with that money or something, 480g is not enough I'm sure and I don't think you want to slam everything into your boot drive
  6. So my recently build pc with a ryzen 3 2200g and no gpu, and a 400 watt PSU is having black screen for 1 second randomly. From googling the problem I thought it was cause by unstable power maybe the cpu is not applying continuously enough pressure from the stock cooler. But after a week of normal using the pc, black screen only occurs when I'm on Chrome.
  7. My 1TB WD Blue HDD is making the vibration noise through the case. Don’t know if it’s the case’s fault, or because I drop the hdd once(but it’s working fine). So i hang the HDD with rubber band and bottom are only contacting the cage with sata power and data cable, so it have minimum contact to the soils case it self. And it did a great job of getting rid of the noise.
  8. so the option here is either get a short term processor loan from AMD or just return and get a B450?
  9. The box said ryzen 2000 ready, is it the bios problem?
  10. the motherboard starts again I replugn the power cable for motherboard, and it's showing red light again. The motherboard box said it's ryzen 2000 ready.
  11. Specs list: MSI B350 pc mate ryzen 3 2200g 2x4 ddr4 400w PSU So the first couple of times it starts with a red light on the motherboard, I search on youtube and a guy have the same problem but fixed by turning off the PSU while pressing the power button on the case. I tried and then after a few times it won't start at all. So I check on google again and try using single dim of ram or switch the location, don't work. And then I check the manual for the motherboard and the red light means CUP not detected or Fail. So I took the cooling and CPU off and check for bend pin and there were nothing. What should I do now.
  12. So My case is the only thing that hasn't arrived from shipping takes about 4 more days, so I decided to play some games while waiting. I already know how to jump start the pc, but how do I turn it off. I didn't do anything yet bios, download windows ect.. So I need to know how to turn it off before I get the windows stuff done.
  13. To be fair it takes longer than 5 min but 100 US dollar, seriously?