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  1. I was just checking that out myself, and there's a lot of information available and a lot of testing going on. I need someone to translate some of the information for me... I understand the basics but this is PhD level science and physics... I found a lot of people, companies investing serious money into research to use gallium derivatives as a viable cooling solution.
  2. I have an older computer with a 4700k I'll try firestrike and let you know the score.
  3. Nice job...Everybody knows if it's not the right colour it will just never work properly...I like blue with just enough white to light up the motherboard, put up another pic would love to see it when it's lit up. That's just the right touch... Nice job
  4. I would like to know what you get for an overclock on this cpu… if you can hit a usable 4,7 I think this would be an amazing cpu for the price... I'm a big fan of pci express lanes and this little guy has them... Thanks

    1. gerard1021


      Oops left out across all cores.

    2. shotsfired


      I can hit 4.8Ghz on all cores! Let me dial that overclock in and send you a screenshot or two.