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  1. That's a good point, I didn't even consider if my cpu supports 3200mhz >.> Fortunately for me, the kit that I bought is just 4$ more than the kit that runs at 3000 I'll probably try to run 48gb config first and see if it's even stable because I definitely need those two extra chrome tabs open. Thank you!
  2. Is there an extra benefit to using the 3200mhz option over the 2400mhz?
  3. Is the cooler lose? What do your temps look like when you play a game?
  4. Hey all, I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! I just bought a ddr4 ram upgrade kit of 32gb that runs at 3200mhz, but the ram I have right now is 2 8gb sticks that runs at 2400mhz. So the question is, should I keep the 16gbs installed, install the additional 32gb, and have it run at 2400mhz for a total of 48gbs of ram? Or, do I install the 32gbs and have it run at 3200mhz? I have a Ryzen 2700x on a ASRock B450 PRO4. I game on the side, but I mostly use programs like Solidworks, Labview, photoshop, 1000 tabs of chrome, and some video editing once in a while. Thanks!
  5. Here is a useful tool that I don't know if you're aware of or not: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ PC part picker allows you to build a computer with prices included with a compatibility filter enabled that can help prevent you from building a computer with parts that don't go together. It's pretty intuitive. Here's a video of Linus comparing the efficiency and price points of the new Ryzen's versus Intel lineup: Good luck!
  6. I replaced the paste with the pad and now my temps are better, for anyone wondering. When I removed the heating pipes to the cpu, the paste was in fact dry! EDIT* Just to be clear, King Arthur's solution would yield better temperatures, but I wanted this to be a place and forget forever situation.
  7. I'm sorry, but your motherboard might be dead. The computer should be able to boot with one stick of memory in, and there are no compatibility issues. Check the cpu to make sure there are no bent pins, or any missing pins. Last ditch effort, unplug everything connected to the motherboard except power, and cooling for cpu. Have one stick in and try to turn it on by shorting the two pins to the power switch with a screwdriver to see if it boots.
  8. What brand are the ram sticks?
  9. And it only beeped 5 times when either of the two sticks of ram was inserted?
  10. Did it beep 5 times on both sticks of ram alternated? Also here's the manual for your motherboard: https://download.asrock.com/Manual/Z390 Steel Legend.pdf
  11. Do you have two sticks of ram, or one? If you have two, try one stick of ram in slot one, and switch the sticks if that doesn't work. Try this without the video card in the system.
  12. Is the HDMI cable plugged into the motherboard or the graphics card?
  13. Check to see if the input on the monitor is selecting 'vga' and not another input. If possible, try another monitor. If those things don't work, start to diagnose the pc. Good luck!
  14. I would reinstall windows on the SSD, and wipe the HDD. You could try to fix the install you have now, but it sounds like the root of your problems are from the old windows install, and what's probably happening is that the operating system is trying to run background tasks, but instead pulls up old files from windows 7 because windows likes to reuse file paths.
  15. @KENBAL420To clean it, I removed the back plate and used compressed air with a vacuum hose so it should be clean enough. @Statik Laptop is always on a flat surface, and as of recently, put on two posts to ensure there's plenty of space below the laptop. @zeusthemoose I believe what you're think of is thermal pads used for chips on graphic cards What I'm talking about is a graphite thermal pad intended for placement on a cpu in replace of thermal paste. @King_Arthur My liege, I was considering artic for a thermal compound, but I wanted this to be a one time placement and then be there for the end of time. For antiware, I'm running malware bytes and I run scans once a week.