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    United States (Midwest)
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    Computer Repair Shop


  • CPU
    i3 7350k
  • Motherboard
    Msi Pro A z270
  • RAM
    Team Group 8gb Delta RGB
  • GPU
    Asus Strix Rtx 2060
  • Case
    Enermax ECA3520
  • Storage
    Samsung 950 Evo (500gb)+WD blue 1tb+generic 16gb ssd)
  • PSU
    Corsair CX500
  • Display(s)
    Dell 32 inch (model idk)
  • Cooling
    Master Liquid ML120L RGB
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K55
  • Mouse
    Generic Dva mouse
  • Sound
    Some set of logitech speakers
  • Operating System
    Win 10 Pro

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  1. therer would be little to know bottle neck on most games but i would advice upgrading to a newer socket soon. I have a 2060 and its paired with an i3 (slower then your cpu) and the cpu does not bottleneck the card besides for like 2 games
  2. Lagercat1

    Very annoying GPU problem

    ehter rma your card or if you really want to buy like a 2060 (its faster then the 1070 ti)
  3. Lagercat1

    GTX 1080 [£310, used] vs RTX 2060 [£350, new]

    if you dont care about raytracing get the 1080
  4. Lagercat1

    CPU is too hot

    is the fan woking and is the cooler tightend down?
  5. @NerdBot2021 I know there a pain to work on (i doo it for a job) but i was thinking of using the laptop on a trip im going on bc i would rather have this stolen then my 09 MBP or my >$1000 laptop also i heard it can run some easer games (has a GTX 755m)
  6. Lagercat1

    No screen

    try unconnecting everything thats not needed to boot, harddrives ect fi that dont work do what @NerdBot2021 said
  7. Should i spend around $200 for a new mobo and keyboard on a Lenovo y50p? (I got the laptop free btw)
  8. Lagercat1

    "Best" GPU to fit current rig

    if you wanted to go balls to the wall for the GPU i would say a RTX 2060 or a used 1070 ti or 980 If you wanted to go lower price (i understand) i would say maybe a gtx 1660 ti or like a used 1070
  9. Lagercat1

    GPU upgrade or new monitor

    2080 ti i would say also just get a card thar is beefy enough, strix, auraus ect
  10. Lagercat1


    take off your cpu cooler and put your hand on it, try tunring on the pc and see if cpu heats up
  11. Lagercat1

    i7 6700k is it still good?

    @Bobthepotato I was talking used were you can find the 7700k for like $300-$350
  12. Lagercat1

    i7 6700k is it still good?

    yes its still really good, also you should be fine playing bf V on your current i5 (im playing the game on a i3 7350k for crying out loud) I would say wait save some cash and get a 7700k
  13. Lagercat1


    just go 16 and if you can go 16 rn then get one stick of 8
  14. Lagercat1

    Battlefield 5 BSOD

    @TrigrH I can cool it fine, got an decent aio. At most with the stock fan and pump curves it spikes to 80 then settles back down to like 75 on 100% usage
  15. Lagercat1

    Battlefield 5 BSOD

    @TrigrH ok edit i would like to appoligize for not listening and i put 1.4v now and its fine?