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  1. Update, enabled XMP and changed CPU voltage to auto, constant crashes in C4D, it was at least stable before you did anything intensive
  2. OK thanks guys, the voltage change was recommended on Cinema 4D's forum as they stated the CPU can demand more than is being supplied on auto and that some users with the board and CPU reported far greater stability with it upped a little, I thought it was a bit strange personally but I'll return to auto and put on XMP and see if that helps things
  3. SO have run cinebench and can see the clock starts going higher, but it never reaches past 2400, so could that be my problem as the CPU needs 2666? I take it XMP would rectify it?
  4. Hey, just built a new machine with the Asus X299 SAGE 10G/i9 7920X/64GB 2666Mhz Corsair vengeance (4x16GB) Keep getting freezes in Cinema 4D when putting system under any kind of load, its all under water so temps are very low, XMP isn't turned on for ram and CPU-Z is showing the ram in quad mode at 799Mhz, am I doing something wrong here with the ram (btw I have upped the CPU core voltage to 1.20v as suggested for CPU intensive apps) Tearing my hair out!