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  1. I feel the same way. At first I was kind of intoxicated by the city hub in mankind divided, but then i quickly learnt its limitations. Taking the subways felt bizzare because all the stations were just a short walking distance from each other lol and there wasn't much to do.. it wasn't dynamic at all, the day/night cycle and different events changed between missions instead of in real time. Just dissapointing. And the whole game was short, clearly they cut it short. Human Revolution is the better game in many ways.
  2. I am extremely interested to see what can be done with vulkan. The problem we have now is that some (ray tracing) techniques need hardware level features to implement feasably. It's like the old days, when 3D games first came out and you needed a graphics card to run them. I mean, a lot of those early games had some software rendering but it very quickly became impossible. Then obviously, we've had new features that require higher level API's, like you can't run HL2 without at least dx8 level hardware. The API is just the communication layer, most new features represent some fundamental hardware level implementation. I don't really know how exactly this is coordinated, because AMD and NVIDIA both fully support all major APIs.. but theres no way that the teams behind directx and opengl are calling the shots on next gen hardware features.. there must be some kind of coordination going on behind closed doors right? but somehow that coordination has been lost with RTX, because it's NVIDIA specific.. if only there was an effort for this new raytracing architecture to be implemented across all next gen APIs and hardware.. nvidia must have become greedy right, but how is RTX even implemented in engines, i wish i knew more. anyway, this shit makes it impossible for a company like valve to start working on this stuff now. hl3 would have to launch across all major platforms with a consistent experience. perhaps behind closed doors there is more going on than we know, perhaps microsoft and sony already have dev kits for the next gen that include some raytracing tech. to be blatantly honest tho, raytracing is just not the best way to use resources. i really want to see a bigger push for voxel based global illumination techniques. i also think, at this point graphics have gotten a bit too far ahead of other elements; when things look realistic, theres an expectation for them to behave realistically, and when they dont, it can get wierd. seeing hyper realistic human beings in games now, sort of just sleep walking down the streets like hypnotized zombies, not noticing you doing retarded shit, not responding to your interactions, sometimes not even responding to threats like gunfire.. its just wierd.. it gets really wierd when the facial animation is off and they dont make eye contact. also, seeing a super realistic object, then throwing a grenade at it, then.. seeing it completely intact? and walls, and floors.. we all expect them to be excluded from the realm of physics, you can bump into them, and thats about it.. if you could deform and destroy everything it would be a huge challenge just getting the AI to navigate the world properly, all the pathfinding would have to be dynamic. graphics cards need to become more than graphics cards. they need to become general purpose parallel number crunchers, and devs need to be utilizing then to accelerate ai and physics. thats my opinion anyway.
  3. Lets discuss this beast. Is anyone else here anticipating this screen? Can we speculate on price? Who thinks MicroLED will supersede OLED monitors before they even take off? I wish they would manufacture OLED panels smaller than 55" tbh, it's very annoying. Apparently a company called JOLED is doing some smaller panels.
  4. well, I own the PG279Q and I would say it's worth every penny, every spec hits the sweet spot for current display tech. I wouldnt compromise with any other model.
  5. There is a huge challenge with making HL3. In previous eras there was a lot of room for innovation, advances in hardware enabled more complex engine features that resulted in huge improvements to the percieved experience. My history is not great but, roughly in 10 years:: DOOM we went from 2D to 2.5D QUAKE went full 3D (graphics cards appear?) QUAKE2 writes the book on networking (internet speeds are increasing fast) QUAKE3 introduces shaders etc DOOM3 introduces the modern unified shader architecture, enabling devs complete creative freedom with hardware resources. it implemented dynamic shadows, bump mapping, etc So Half Life 1 came in around QUAKE2 era, and it used a modifed version of that engine called gold source. it basically took those cutting edge graphics and made an actual cinematic gaming experience that, although was kinda lean on story, felt like a real journey through a compelling and evolving environment. not just discrete and kind of arbritrarily arranged levels in an arcade type game. and it had sort of beleivable humans that werent just cannon fodder. Also, counterstrike came out of this beast Half life 2 came around the same time as DOOM 3 and was an even greater technogical leap, not only did it have the unified shader architecture and dynamic shadows but, it did some amazing stuff with baking lights, high dynamic range, cube mapping reflections. the environments were huge at times. along with far cry, it introduced physics into the game, everything was moving! shit didnt move before this folks lol the gravity gun was amazing, you could pick up crap and break it, and the lighting behaved convincingly during these interactions. it introduced ragdolls. these systems interacted dynamically too, you could throw a crate at an enemy and the crate would break and the enemy would ragdoll, and then float in water. and they introduced a completely revolutionary facial animation technique that was WAY ahead of its time. this game was a technological beast. people expect half life 3 to have the same percieved impact, they expect something revolutionary. but look how many incredible devs are pushing boundaries now, how many games are comming out every week? theres a lot of competition. cd projekt red?! what can you do with double, triple, quadruple the compute performance these days? well, you sorta go from red dead redemption 1 to red dead redemption 2. rockstar pushes the boundaries on the 360 and xbone to the max with a huuugeee budget. but, it feels sort of like a predictable evolution of things, nothing that defies expectation and blows everything out of the water. what could valve do. they could jump on the new ray tracing tech, virtual reality, neural networks and artificial intelligence, laser scanning, photogrammetry, etc. they could jump on all these early technologies and start working really hard to implement something ahead of its time that would be paradigm shifting. problem is, alot of it is a gamble. i mean ray tracing in general is a given, but building your entire game engine around it right now would make you exclusive specifically to nvidias current implementation of the tech i think... i dunno. people are going to say i am missing the mark here by overlooking the value of gameplay. im not, the game would need to have ground breaking gameplay also. possibly it would have to be partially open world and introduce huge improvements to artificial intelligence in order to push the gameplay in a new direction. its almost a mind boggling undertaking.
  6. its definately time for all 10 series owners to wait. as an enthusiast i really want to have the best card but, it cannot be justified at the moment. i will keep my 1080ti and see how the market behaves in 2019, i think AMD might have something disruptive up their sleeves. if they ignore raytracing completely they might be able to make a card with traditional deferred rendering performance similar or better than 2080ti for cheaper.
  7. what they actually need to do is remove the iGPU and utilize the extra space for more general purpose compute power. extra cores, biggers cores, i dunno.. more stuff lol ryzen wouldnt be competetive if they had to include an igpu
  8. i believe there is also a startup folder located in the start menu directory. but this could be depricated on win10 now.it could be that there is another startup process that opens this malwarebytes thing. also, there are "services" that run silently in the background and can do all kinds of things, you can disable those too.
  9. if it doesnt show up in disk manager then how did you format? does it show up in bios?
  10. if you are maintaining over 60fps consistently then look for latency elsewhere. the mouse is wired or wireless? what type of monitor?
  11. i havent read through all these comments, but, have you checked memory usage? as in, the amount of free memory you have in GB when running the game. if there is some application or malware consuming memory and you run out, the game will become choppy as it starts fetching data from storage.
  12. sounds like malware. reformat. start clean.
  13. recently installed the kraken with a corsair h55. idle temps are 23c. yet to do benchmarking.
  14. I am trying to obtain a thorough understanding of the overclocking variables in the ASUS UEFI BIOS. My current understanding is that, if I chose adaptive voltage, the CPU will use the SVID protocol to request it's desired voltage for a given clock frequency. By setting the "SVID Behaviour" option to "best-case" or "worst-case" scenario, the CPU will request less or more voltage respectively, creating extra stability but increased temperatures in the latter scenario. First question; is my understanding correct? Second question; does SVID behaviour still apply for turbo frequencies, or does the voltage become static at turbo frequencies? To rephrase, I am wondering if the voltage will fluctuate when the clock is between the 3.6ghz stock frequency and my 5.0ghz overclock, or if the voltage is static within these turbo mode frequencies.