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  1. ZyTheWolverine

    Overclocking i5-8600k

    Yeap I know I would like to change to Evga 600w or any other brand but maybe later. The case I have is pure garbage bad airflow, cable management was pain because there's no room for it. I got case and psu from friend's Pc because he was building a new pc. He had i3-6100 and went to i5-7400 and I don't really know why he gave psu and case he's case was Atx and his new board Asus b250 plus was atx also so I dunno. But what psu you should recommend I was looking forward to Evga they are affordable and not bad.
  2. ZyTheWolverine

    Overclocking i5-8600k

    I have a i5-8600k, Gigabyte Z370p d3, Corsair Vs 550w 80 plus and for last Artic Freezer 33 not E sports version. I want to overclock my cpu ,but I come up with issues. People say my mobo has bad thermals and overclock on my cpu would be not a great idea + I need an liquid cooler. Should I try to overclock it and get a aio or don't even try because it's worthless to spend money. Btw was looking at CM Master liquid Ml240l Rgb it's pretty decent for the price also has RGB so why not?. But I don't want to mess up my Pc and get like 4.7ghz with good voltages. I never done overclocking well I have but I messed up my Msi Gaming X 1070ti ,but HEY I got Msi 1060 6g ocv1 as a birthday present. So could anyone help because im confused I don't know if I should do it: 1. I never oc a cpu 2. My knowledge about pc is crap I dont even know many things like cable names many terms. 3.. I don't really know if I should do it because I only knew that u need a Z370 to oc a 8th gen cpu with K letter. And I didn't worried about oc because I thought it will be fine. But after my first build I got more into pc hardware but im still dummy So please help and take ur time reading this because it's gonna take a while to understand my english. p.s Couple shots of my first build