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    Charleston, WV, USA
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    HARDWARE, Simple Programming, Scheming, Amateur Salesman
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    Love PC gaming and tinkering with hardware.


  • CPU
    Ryzen 7 2700X
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite (ATX)
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    16Gb DDR4-3000MHz Trident Z RGB
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX 1070 Windforce
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    be quiet! Pure Base 600 (Orange)
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    250Gb 970 EVO, 250gb 860 EVO, 1Tb WD Blue
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    Corsair CX750M
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma Tournament Edition
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    Razer Naga (2014)
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. NPDPdev

    Thunderbolt 2 Display Problem

    I have solved the problem. The motherboard's supported T3 AIC has two mini DP inputs. These inputs inject video data into the TB3, allowing for a connection to TB3 monitors, or TB2 with a converter.
  2. NPDPdev

    Thunderbolt 2 Display Problem

    I can hook it up using a thunderbolt 2 port, but it would just be using the CPU's iGPU. I'm wondering if I can inject display output into a thunderbolt 2 connection.
  3. NPDPdev

    Thunderbolt 2 Display Problem

    I am planning on building an extremely custom Hackintosh inside of an old Mac Pro case. I'll spare you all the details, but basically I'm planning on using the highest end Apple thunderbolt 2 display. This display is non-negotiable and I would ditch the Vega 56 that I plan to put in the computer before I would ditch the cinema display. I know I could use mini display port but he display has certain IO ports in the back of it (like an iMac), and I have to use a thunderbolt connection to utilize them. Obviously even if I adapt the Vega 56 output to mini DP, I would only be getting use of the screen and not the ports. Is there any way that I could force the GPU output through a standard thunderbolt connection via software? I know this is available on Windows 10, but don't think there is any feature similar on MacOS. Is there any hardware peripheral (like a reverse splitter) that I could use to force the GPU output through the thunderbolt connection? I'm very worried that there is no other way to do this. I don't want to have to modify the display in any way (I already have to splice enough wires to keep the original IO shield), but apparently the logic board within the display converts the signal to mini DP anyways. I may be able to splice a regular mini DP cable with the input from the logic board and drill a second hole to run both cables. Any other suggestions are appriceated.
  4. NPDPdev

    I Have No Clue About Anything PC

    Yeah, you can get relatively good performance on Fortnite. Apex is going to be a bit slow, and you'll probably have to turn down the settings very low (I am unexperienced with how this game performs because I have not played it yet).
  5. NPDPdev

    I Have No Clue About Anything PC

    Although upgradability on the CPU is pretty low, that equipment will probably be fine. I say probably because it has an R9 270X. If I were you, I'd separately purchase something like a GTX 1050Ti, or even maybe a 6Gb model of the GTX 1060 if you have the budget. All in all though, that's a nice price.
  6. NPDPdev

    I Have No Clue About Anything PC

    Can you list the entire specs of the computer, or link me to its product page? Usually we on this (& other tech forums) disagree buying prebuilt systems, but I think it's acceptable for you because you may not be too skilled with assembly. (I'm pretty sure you meant you're buying a custom PC from someone who makes them)
  7. NPDPdev

    I Have No Clue About Anything PC

    As well as what @fasauceome and @LukeTheCoder05 said, you should probably know that RAM has diminishing returns on gaming performance. Doing creative tasks or running TONS of programs at once (that's why servers have a ton of ram) would be the only reasons that you would need anything over about 16Gb. 16Gb seems to be the standard for most gamers.
  8. NPDPdev

    Get a Ryzen 2600 or wait for the 3600?

    Given that we are very close to the launch of R3k (End of May), I would hold out. When Ryzen originally launched, their chips were priced extremely competitively. Ryzen 2k improved upon their already great price-to-performance ratio, and I believe that the Ryzen 3k line up will live up to expectation.
  9. When I built my computer, I decided to go with a modest Ryzen 5 2600 and 16gb of 3000MHz Trident Z RGB ram. I didn't worry about getting 3200 or 3400MHz ram because I've always known ram speeds to leave performance relatively unaffected. I knew that Ryzen played well with higher clocked memory and that it makes a bigger difference, but I only recently learned the extent of that. I am planning on getting an X570 mobo and then (a month or two later) buying a shiny new Ryzen 9 (assuming they are actually revealed to consumers). I obviously can not purchase ALL of this at once, and am thinking of buying new faster ram right now (at a decent point so I can afford it). My question is: Would it really be beneficial enough to purchase 3200 or 3400 (most likely) ram? Should I just save towards the other parts?
  10. NPDPdev

    Probably A Virus

    Let's try and uninstall it. Type "remove program" into the start menu search and click the option that says "Add or Remove Programs". Scroll down the list (I think it's alphabetical if i remember right) until you find Skype. Click it and then click uninstall.
  11. NPDPdev

    Need Help First Build!

    Actually, unless you are going with the STRIX mobo for appearance purposes, you could likely get the same features for cheaper. You may also want to invest in a 550 or 600 watt power supply (don't worry about the rating, as long as it's bronze or better, it's fine). A non modular power supply would be *slightly* cheaper, but I would keep a semi-modular because it is worth the little bit extra. As for that motherboard, I personally use a $99 Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite, although it does not have built-in WiFi. It's not a huge difference, and personally, I think your Strix mobo looks fantastic and is worth every penny.
  12. NPDPdev

    Need Help First Build!

    This seems to be an alright build. All cables that you'll need should be included with the items you purchace.
  13. NPDPdev

    LGA 775 in 2019?

    Ain't that right. Doesn't matter if it's a system with a Ryzen, or a system with a Sempron, (although newer complex systems are more fun) it's just fun as hell to build.
  14. NPDPdev

    LGA 775 in 2019?

    Good point. With employees that have all different levels of technical background, it's probably MUCH easier to run using modern technology so you can have many tech support/ assistance options.
  15. NPDPdev

    LGA 775 in 2019?

    I know many people who have suffered sleepless nights trying to find a decently-priced not-crappy socket 1156 board .