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  1. Just an update. Ethan had me on the right track. But I did just locate this little gem and it worked. Figured I'd post in case anyone else ever cares to do so. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/933700/microsoft-does-not-support-changing-the-location-of-the-program-files
  2. I'll go dig around and see what I can find. Thank you
  3. Ahhh. I'll give that a try. It's not really a big deal, but if it works it'd be nice
  4. This may be a stupid question but here goes. I just purchased a new laptop that has a 256GB M.2 and the secondary is a 1TB SSD. Every time I go to install something, it wants to put it on the 256GB drive. Not really a huge deal, but I was wondering if it's possible to set the 1TB as the primary install location for future installs?
  5. Zapawaf

    Gaming laptop recommendations?

    I'll give it a look. I've never heard of them.
  6. Zapawaf

    Gaming laptop recommendations?

    Lenovo has a legion y740 with a 2080 maxq for $1800. I don't know much about Lenovo other than the tablets we carry at Verizon which are awful. But they're also "budget tablets". I'm thinking about trying it out if I'm not going to find a better bargain. I was hoping I'd get lucky and find an open box or certified refurbished.
  7. I'm in the market for a new gaming laptop. I'd like to stick around 17" display, and if I can swing it, a 2080. I'd like to keep it under $2k USD. I don't care about weight, bulk, portability etc. I'm never far from an outlet so battery doesn't matter to me. I recently posted asking about a Lenovo legion, and realized maybe I should've just asked about general recommendations instead.
  8. Yes I'm in the US. I really do like the larger screens. Weight and bulk doesn't really matter to me. I've been lugging this one around for years in a backpack and it's still serving me well (aside from not being able to play any modern titles). I'd like to be able to game on it. I do some video editing using Sony vegas but just personal footage. That's just a bonus, my main care is gaming. My buddy just got an Acer predator and that 17" 144Hz display looks nice. Also, battery life doesn't matter to me either as I'm never far from an outlet. If they made a PC case with a monitor built in I'd lug around a small desktop. Bulk doesn't bother me at all.
  9. I have an Asus ROG G751JM that's served me well these past 4+ years. When I had HPs the hinges would break in a couple years, so I've been pleased one the first laptop I spent a decent chunk on. I wanted to stick with Asus for around the $1500 mark again and I stumbled across this Lenovo Legion Y740 17" for $1800 on sale from $2300. Thoughts?
  10. I appreciate that. I'll check it out
  11. That's pretty much what I figured.
  12. Aside from the terrible reviews on the predator I was looking at, growing up they always seemed cheap for what you could get for the same money elsewhere. I guess it's probably a Ford vs Chevy type deal honestly. They may be awesome now, but when I was looking at laptops way way back, they seemed bad.
  13. Hello guys and gals, My ASUS ROG G751JM is feeling a bit dated these days, and I've been looking into laptops. But I was also considering maybe a small portable rig. I was looking at the SilverStone SST-RVZ03B as it's around the size of my Xbox One S and I've lugged that around many times and the RVA03 seems to be pretty similar in size, but it isn't compatible with Micro ATX. After looking at the difference between ATX and ITX, I'm leaning more towards the Micro ATX. Are there any cases that are close in size? I'm not finding really anything. Or is it possible to make the SilverStone fit.
  14. I had looked at the Acer Predator and the Omen. I have my reservations with Acer, and the reviews for the one I was looking, at which was around $600 off, were pretty bad. Thanks for the tip on the RTX laptops. Looks like they're supposed to come out at the end of the month. Since I'm not rushing out to buy anything right this second, might be worth the wait.. But I would expect the price to be a little out of my range. We will see.