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  1. Thank you for your suggestions. I have chosen a case `Thermaltake CA-1M3-00M6WN-00 H200`. its written on it 'ATX-MID TOWER` is the size right for MSI B450-A Pro? MSI B450-A Pro ?
  2. I'm building a new pc with ryzen 3000. I chose this motherboard : MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Performance Gaming AMD Ryzen 1st 2nd Gen (Updated for 3rd Gen) the cpu is Ryzen 5 3600. should i replace this motherboard by cheaper one and get the 3600x? if so what motherboard should i get? + is there any good cases +120$? HELP
  3. holy crap . the case is listed in amazon.com for 112$ while in amazon.ae 212$ thats way off my budget
  4. Can post a link to the case? from amazon.ae
  5. Hello I'm planing to buy this motherboard : ASUS Intel Z390 LGA 1151 ATX gaming motherboard the motherboard is atx and it says on the case page Compact ATX ? what does that mean? also this power supply fits in the case ? EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G3, 80 Plus Gold 750W Power Supply Link to case : NZXT H500 is the case good ?
  6. Hi. I have the cracked version of GTA v installed .. can I use it on steam? (I have the game on steam) + my friend told me that if you copied the cracked files you will get banned on mp is that true?
  7. Hi. I have a Srtix Rx580 8gb. the windows crash when I'm playing a heavy game like BFV or metro. the screen freezes suddenly then I have to push the restart button to get back to windows. the card sometimes reaches 75-80c. I guess this problem started when I first ran MSI afterburner. didn't use MSI afterburner before I just use Asus GPU Tweak I never did overclock. just used the profiles that GPU tweak provides and this from MSI afterburner: I didn't change anything related to the power limit NOTE : When I restart the pc I get an error says : Default Radeon WattMan settings have been restored due to unexpected system failure HELP
  8. it really bothers me,.. what cooler u recommend? my budget is around 30$
  9. Helloo I built a pc in December last year, I got the Ryzen 3 2200g with the stock cooler So I didn't have any problem with the cooler until yesterday. the cooler is making noise when playing a game like CSGO or re2 it is similar to this noise in the video : it's not as Loud as in the video it's like the fan touching the cooler body but it isn't what should I do about it ? as I said it's not that loud but I'm not comfortable with it is there any way to fix this? help I recorded the noise and attached it 2019_03_17_01_00_02.mp3
  10. the extension that I have got 2 prong cord (the outlet is 2 aswell )while the power supply is 3. does that make any difference?
  11. I touched the monitor from the DVI cable and I got shocked .. I touched the back side of the case with Electrical Tester it lights only with that part. the front side panel didn't light the tester after changing the extension. I'M CONFUSED
  12. well, sometimes I don't get shocks when I touch the case .. this is the second time I got a strong shock (literally strong) that causes pain ... should I try to plug the pc directly into the wall? would that even help?
  13. Hi. I built a pc 2 months ago (my first build) so I'm using this case : Bitfenix Pandora Core - window So I decided to install a new stick of ram .. when I touched the case I got a strong shock from the metal part of the case Literally my hand is still hurting from that shock even when I touch the USB port it gives me a shock my motherboard is screwed to the standoff's and I have an HDD and fan at the top of the case like this : My PowerSupply is CoolerMaster MWE 650W (Non-Modular) is it because of the power supply cables? because both of the side panels are metal and the back one is touching the cables. I'm new to pc world so I don't know what to do actually (I'm using a power Extension to power up my monitor and pc) Help