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  1. Alan GE

    Can i game with dvi port?

    Hellooo I want to buy this monitor but I'm not sure if I can game on it or even use it... Multiple connectivity options A comprehensive range of analog and digital connectivity ports and cables are included: VGA DisplayPort DVI-D (excluding DVI-D cables) USB Impressive screen clarity Every detail is bright and clear Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution at 60Hz LED backlit 250 cd/m² brightness 85% color gamut I have rx580 strix it is very cheap and I don't wanna miss this deal... Do I buy it ? or I should look for a monitor with an HDMI port? HELP
  2. Alan GE

    Asus Strix rx580 wont fit :(

    yes it fits , nothing changed
  3. Alan GE

    Asus Strix rx580 wont fit :(

    I managed to bend the case and it works gg
  4. Alan GE

    Asus Strix rx580 wont fit :(

    there is no gap between the motherboard and the card slot Sorry for the quality of the picture
  5. Hello. I'm using ryzen apu so I decided to buy a graphics card and i bought rx580 strix top 8gb , i got a good deal. So my motherboard is microAtx And my case is Bitfenix Pandora window mAtx. I when I try to install the graphics card there is like 5 cm piece of metal in the graphics card at the end keep hitting the motherboard I can't even push it. is there any way around it because I really want this GPU THANKS
  6. Alan GE

    450 watt powerSupply ?

    I guess I will go with the CoolerMaster MWE since there are no much options with my budget GG
  7. Alan GE

    450 watt powerSupply ?

    hmmm weird ..the model # in the product description it's the same model number on corsair website MODEL: CP-9020170-UK My budget is limited to 230 AED
  8. Alan GE

    450 watt powerSupply ?

    Actually, I'm buying from UAE, souq.com CX450M is not available
  9. I'm building a pc with Ryzen 3 2200g and rx580 Srix t-8gb . And I don't know if this vs450 w can handle the parts :\ I checked on Pcpartpicker it says usage is 285w with 7.2k rpm HDD and SSD 120gb, 2x 4gb ddr4 ram,b350m is it accurate or do I need more than 450w? thanks