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  1. All good info. Thanks guys. I am running the big boi Noctua air cooler at the moment. I had a liquid loop but it was aluminum and I figured out the hard way that aluminum and gallium don't mix. I could check the cold plate on the noctua cooler for flatness cause I really don't know what it is, but I have no idea how I would measure it without really odd tools. Also right now while I'm in school I am working part time at an autoparts store so ill check and see if I can get my hands on any tools/ sandpaper for engine building that might double for this purpose. Noted on the LM and re-using IHS. I will try some MX-4 and see if it helps temps just because its a thicker paste. If that doesn't do it ill probably lap the die, use liquid metal, and just go wild with my cpu till it breaks. I wouldn't mind getting a second gen x299 chip anyway. I would just rather put the money into my car instead of my pc right now. thanks for the help guys! much appreciated!
  2. I have been running a 7900x for a couple years now. For about the last year it has been direct die cooled (der8auer tools). Since I first did direct die cooling, I have had worse CPU temps. I'm talking like 50c on core 2 and 100 and thermal throttling on core 8. It has been one of those problems that is just at the back of my mind but I haven't gotten around to fixing (busy year)... UNTIL NOW! (maybe) I believe the problem is that my specific die is more convex that usual dies. I tried all sorts of different mounting pressures and torque rotations to make sure it was not just a simple mounting issue, but I am convinced it is a problem with die height consistency. Since these chips have been out a while now, is there anyone who has ran a skylake x chip with a lapped die using liquid metal? Is there any data showing that it eventually seeps through into the chip and breaks it? I remember it being a concern in 2018, but I have not seen any examples of people that ran a setup like mine long term. If this is my best option to fix it, is there any suggestions for decently priced calipers and super fine sand paper? I checked harbor freight already and they don't have what I need lol. Also, is there potentially a way to make my coolers cold plate more concave? that might solve the issue with less risk to my cpu.
  3. dang. thanks for the help. i guess vega frontier will have to stay as my main gaming card. lol
  4. I'm wondering if I can buy these two water blocks for their respective cards and run them SLI. I have made 1 custom loop before and I have these GPUs laying around, but i have no clue if the tubing lines up. https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-fc1080-gtx-ti-aorus-rgb-nickel https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-fc1080-gtx-ti-tf6-acetal-nickel thanks for any insight!