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    404495332 Steam Friend Code

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    Some place nearby in middle of venus and mars
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    At Car,And Electric Thingy
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  • CPU
    Intel i5 2400 @ 3.10GHz Turbo 3.40GHz with 90*C
  • Motherboard
    AsRock H61M-DGS (it suck) But I Got it Free
  • RAM
    Corsair Value Select 16GB (2X8GB) DDR3 (Got For Free)
  • GPU
    MSI Radeon RX460 GDDR5 4 GB OC Edition (Got For Free Too)
  • Case
    Dazumba (Indonesia Brand) I Forget What Model Is It (GOT FOR FREE)
  • Storage
    WD Blue 1TB 7200RPM ( Salvage From CCTV Decoder Somehow)
  • PSU
    The Sticker Brand Come Off But It Has 500W BRonze 80+ (Guess What I GOT IT FOR FRICKING FREE)
  • Display(s)
    LG 20MP38hq-b ( I Paid For This)
  • Cooling
    STOCK COOLER ( I Found This At My Attic Thank Fully It Still Has Copper Heatsink)
  • Keyboard
    I Dont Know
  • Mouse
    Rexus Xierra G7
  • Sound
    D.I.Y 15 Watt Stereo Speaker
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro ( Just Same As Linus Test Bench PIRATED)
  • Laptop
    Asus A450C With Upgraded Ram To 4 GB single Stick

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  1. So I open my last project to continue working but turns out all my project was lost, holy crap my 6 hours worth of time God damnit Edit: when I editing the auto save popup is appear and it's saving but now it's not goddamn saving And I think the not responding thingy occured when the premiere tries to save my project and ends up corrupting my project Is there a way to see all autosave saved?
  2. Welp my whole windows goes to BSOD so.. I lost it, thank you so much for your help
  3. So I have Auto Save on, but im doing a lot since last Autosave and when i try to add some basic effect like Crop, it just not responding, how do i save my project, please my OS is Windows 10 Pro
  4. i Forgot to tell you, i tried on 3 different computer and its working fine on that 3 different computer, but when i plug this into mine the problem is back Sorry bad Englisch
  5. but the first month after reinstall the windows, the problem is fixed and after that its occurerd again, and i tried on 3 Different computer
  6. Hey i Have this problem on my Windows 10, i Have Rexus G7 (Indonesia brand) Which has Double Click shorcut button for shooting, but now its open Run and automatically type www.Baidu.com, i Tried reinstall the Windows but the problem is still there
  7. oh yeah sorry about that, im running Windows 10 newest update, I want my main PC audio to turn up to XX% Volume whenever alarm play
  8. Is there a way Volume increases automatically when Alarm?
  9. Hey I Have USB Webcam from long time ago, I want to try this but i cant the USB Webcam Box, The windows say Code:28 I Cant find it USB\VID_0C45&PID_614A&REV_0101 USB\VID_0C45&PID_614A I Hope Someone Can Help me Thank you